10 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

10 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

1– Revamp Your Front Door

There’s no better place to start with home improvement that the front door. The first thing people notice when they see your house. Adding new paint and even adding lights leading up to the door can create a nice atmosphere for people to feel welcomed into. You can even be creative with how your house number is presented on the door. If you are going for a modern look adding an LED sign with the house number can add a great effect. If you want a traditional look you can buy extremely cheap metal numbers or even go more classic and hand carve your house number out of wood.

2– Lights

Lighting is important in the home and can make or break how a house looks. If you really want to improve your house focusing on lighting is important. Not only the physical placement of lights but the style of lampshade is extremely important. Creating layers of lighting throughout the house should allow you to control the atmosphere. Items such as a dimmer switch allow you to decide how bright a room should be. Which will be perfect for both the vibrant parties and the romantic nights in.

3– Upcycle Old Products

Upcycling is turning old/unwanted products into something new and useful. This makes for a great affordable home improvement idea. Whether this be turning old books into a desk or perhaps using old clothing material to create tapestry. The method of upcycling is a great affordable way to improve your home. Upcycling can be done in any room of the house, you will also find this will create more room throughout your house. Instead of keeping old junk and useless items you can create new quirky items that will add a vintage look to your house.

4– Plants

Plants can offer a unique to several sectors of your house. Whether it be a bonsai tree for the study room or an array of garden plants to go alongside a water feature. Plants are an easy and affordable way to improve your home. Plants can also create some good stress relief time, spending some hours out in the sun adding new plants to your garden can offer some perfect outdoor therapy.


5– Interior Brick Slips

Brick Slips can give your home a new makeover without the added cost and hassle of knocking down walls or replacing wallpaper. Brick slips offer a range of different looks and can be applied to any style of house modern and classic. Companies such as EuroBrick offer a wide range of Brick Slips to ensure every need and style is met.

6– Storage Closet’s

Creating storage closets around your house can not only ensure you get optimal space in your house it also creates an inexpensive way to make your home more attractive. This method can even be combined with upcycling as you can turn an old book shelf into a storage closet just by attaching a door.

Storage Closets

7– Buy Towels to Match the Carpet

One of the easiest ways to improve the visual look of your bathroom would be to add towels to match the carpet. This will create the professional look you see in hotel bathrooms. Ever seen a 5 star hotel with pink towels and a yellow carpet? I doubt it. That’s why a simply trick such as matching your towels and carpet can create big changes and improve how attractive your bathroom is.

8– Add a Large Mirror to Small Rooms

Not only will this give you a chance to see what the kids are doing when they think you’re not looking! You’ll also witness a large mirror will make a small room seem so much more open that it really is. Adding a mirror in a room facing the sun will brighten up the house and give it a nice summer glow throughout. An easy method of home improvement both for attractiveness and practical reasons.

9– Smarten Up Your Garden

The garden is often an area of the house that gets neglected over the busiest months. Adding plants and water features in the right places can create an open planned garden. This will allow space for kids to play and the chance to host some BBQ’s over the summer months. Smarting up the garden is a very cost friendly job, although gardeners can be expensive at times. Things such as trimming plants and planting new features to the garden can make for fun family time.

10– Blackout Curtains

Just as a mirror can open up your house in the summer months, blackout curtains are ideal for winter. They can create a romantic setting in the bedroom and even allow you for a few extra hours sleep on the weekend. If you live in an extremely hot area, blackout curtains can block up the extra heat in the summer months meaning you can save some money on air-con costs.