10 Tips for Acquiring Vintage Furniture

10 Tips for Acquiring Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is ideal for those who want more for less and such is the variety that one really can be very selective. A few well-chosen items will certainly add character to any room and if you are looking to acquire some vintage items, here are some useful tips.


  1. Buy Online – The scope you can view with online dealers makes online shopping the obvious choice. Most online antique dealers have quality vintage furniture for sale and they are all network connected, allowing you to search by category, price or period.
  1. Regular Contact – Source a few online dealers that focus on vintage furniture and bookmark the sites. Regular visits will almost certainly result in a bargain item that is exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, if you have lots of time on your hands and enjoy browsing quaint antique stores, otherwise forge an alliance with several notable online dealers who will help source the required items.
  1. Only Buy Excellent Condition Pieces – The cost of vintage items is usually lower than that of antiques and with so much out there, you can afford to be very selective. A little patience will usually result in the perfect item that will fit nicely into that empty space.
  1. Focus on Unknown Names – This is where you will find the best value for money, after all, the furniture is not really an investment, more like a practical item of furniture that will give you years of use.

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  1. Use Defects to Bargain – If you are buying from a private individual, pointing out small defects is likely to result in a lower price, and while you have little chance with a dealer, you’ve nothing to lose by trying. If you would like to hone your negotiating skills, there are articles you can check online that might help you secure some real bargains.
  1. Match Items – Acquiring vintage furniture is a gradual process whereby you look for a specific item and with perhaps 3 or 4 purchases per year, you’ll soon build up quite a collection.
  1. Learn How to Restore – This would make a great hobby, and when you come across a table that needs some work, you can buy it for a song and enjoy the challenge of restoring it to its former glory.
  1. Forge an Alliance with a Dealer – If you find one dealer that is local, you can deal with that one person and by building up a good business relationship, you would likely receive generous discounts, plus get some useful tips from a pro.
  1. Think Outside the Box – Some items could be used for other things, and with a little alteration, this can be an excellent way to furnish the home. An old cabinet, for example, could house a tropical fish tank, which would really be an amazing setting.

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  1. Be Patient – The turnover in vintage furniture is quite brisk, so if you don’t find exactly what you want, wait a while and keep looking online.

Vintage furniture is often overlooked and with a plentiful supply, you can land some great bargains, while furnishing your home in a truly unique way.