These 3 Kitchen Faucet Brands Are So Famous But Why?

Kitchen Faucet Brands
People are interested in knowing what actually good kitchen faucet brands are. Not only because of the quality of the faucet but also because of the special conditions that come with the faucet. A good brand is not only a brand that delivers the best kitchen faucets but also offers a good warranty and good customer service.

Top 3 Kitchen Faucet Brands


Delta Kitchen FaucetsIt is not secret that Delta faucets always score very high on our best kitchen faucets reviews. They make high quality faucets with a good and strong design. Not every faucet is the same but Delta stays very consistent with quality and is certainly one of the best kitchen faucet brands. Most people like the strong yet basic design most Delta faucets have. The faucets aren’t that hard to install. While not always the easiest installation around it definitely isn’t the hardest as well. The faucets usually have a long life. Most people report that their faucets go along for years. In a few cases a broken faucet on delivery was reports but those cases are, luckily, very rare.


While Delta is the big player in the field, Pegasus remains unnoticed. It’s a shame because this manufacturer makes high-quality and some of the best kitchen faucets. A lot of people report good thing about this faucet. It mostly stands out because of an unorthodox design. Pegasus is good in combining a classic style of a faucet with a touch of modernism. While the faucets look classic they have a good functionality and easy to use. There are some Pegasus faucets that score less than the better ones but, just like Delta, they score very high in general.

Pegasus Kitchen Faucets

There are some report on the difficulty of installing this faucet. The overall process isn’t hard but some parts break easily or hard adjust when the whole faucet has taken its place in the kitchen. Pegasus makes up for that by delivering a top-notch service. They answer questions with time and parts are usually delivered in a few days. A good reason to name Pegasus one of the best kitchen faucet brands.


Kohler Kitchen FaucetsKohler also delivers some of the best kitchen faucets around. Just like Delta and Pegasus they have good quality and usually don’t tire as quickly as budget faucets. Kohler’s quality is the easy to install faucets. The faucets are very basic and so are the parts, which makes the installation very easy. The design looks very similar to that of Delta faucets but it is somewhat more basic which we can’t rate as good or bad. Liking a design is highly subjective.


Overall we can’t say which faucet is the best because it all differs from what the consumer likes and is going for. Is it design you are going for? And if so, a basic design, a modern design or a classic design? Or would you rather go with a faucet that is easy to install and has a higher guarantee it will last longer? Would you rather go with what you like or with which has the highest kitchen faucet reviews? These are all questions we can’t answer for you but we can certainly say that Delta, Pegasus and Kohler are a few among the best kitchen faucet brands out there.