4 Kitchen Remodeling Tips by the Professional Designers

4 Kitchen Remodeling Tips by the Professional Designers

A kitchen can be referred as a heart of your house. It is a place for cooking, eating, and gathering. People now pay attention to the overall look of their kitchen area to make it attractive just like the other part of the house. They work on the layout, design, cabinets selection, countertop paint to enhance the beauty and functionality of the kitchen.


Planning for a kitchen remodel? You will have many questions in your mind. So, to answer your questions, we will be sharing tips straight from the designers to help you out in the remodeling process. Furthermore, you can also get in touch with Cape Cod kitchen remodeling companies to get the best services.


1- Brighten Up Your Kitchen by Adding Kitchen Lighting


Lighting is one of the details that is having a huge impact on the area. Lights help you to improve the look of your house. Some of the lighting details that are popular in modern kitchen design are:


Task Lighting: Having a dim light in your kitchen? You will have the problem in cutting vegetables or in other work. To avoid this problem, task lighting is needed for ease. Lights install under the front of cabinets light-up your countertop to do your task efficiently and safely.


Interior Lighting: Modern interior lighting will take the overall look of your kitchen to a next level. LED lighting strips installed on both sides of cabinet give a warm glow and high-end design to your kitchen.


2- Hidden Kitchen Appliances


Appliances are the essential elements of your kitchen area. You can hide your kitchen appliances with a few designer tricks. Two of the common appliances that you can hide in your kitchen include:


Dishwashers: Dishwasher placed randomly can affect the look of your kitchen. To get a clean look you can consider paneling the dishwasher to blend it into your cabinetry.


Microwaves: Microwave is bulky, so to save the space on your countertop you can add a wall cabinet with a lift-up door. To get further assistance regarding the cabinet structure, you can hire kitchen cabinets designers for better advice.


3- Functional Use of Kitchen Wall Outlets


Selecting the backsplash color and tiles for the area is more fun as compared to the outlets. But small details can make a big difference! Kitchen wall outlets play a significant role in the functionality of your kitchen after remodeling. You need to choose the right outlets and fix them in the right place for convenience. Keep following points in mind:


1-You need to keep the color coordination. White outlets may be a standard choice but they sometimes do not work with every style. If you need several outlets, then it is better to coordinate the wall plate and outlets with the color like the backsplash tile or wall.


2-Think creatively about the outlet styles. No need to stuck with traditional outlet style. You can go for under cabinet plug molding for a clutter-free look. Try to hide your outlets behind the appliance, if they will stay plugged in. If you are looking to have an obtrusive profile, then you can place the outlets on sides.


3-Try out the pop-up outlets. They are the first choice of designers nowadays. The outlets disappear completely into your countertop when you are not using it. You can also have the functional charging system in your kitchen to make it more productive. For further assistance regarding the designing of a kitchen, you can contact experienced kitchen remodeling contractors.


4- Organize Your Kitchen Layout


Your kitchen layout should be your prime focus. You should keep this thing in mind that, if your kitchen is not laid-out efficiently, then the appliances and products will not help you out. To streamline your kitchen layout, do the following:


Set Up Zones: Cleaning, preparing, and cooking all different tasks. Instead, you use your countertop for all these works you should allocate a separate place for these various tasks to increase efficiency and convenience.


Use of Kitchen Island: A kitchen island offers a sense of symmetry and gives you a proper space for storage, preparation, and clean-up. To create an attractive look for your kitchen, add a kitchen island of bold and trendy color.


Storage Solution: Storage issues are common in every kitchen. To overcome this problem, designers suggest that first, you need to know about the things you want to store. You need to plan the storage solution for pan lids, pot, a garbage can and a kitchen essential that you want to hide.


Hiring a kitchen designer for the remodeling process may not be easy for all the people. But with these tips and tricks, you can make your kitchen a good place to work and functional at the same time. Still, looking to remodel your kitchen? You can get in touch with kitchen renovation companies to give a new look to your kitchen.