4 Practical Tips Of Improving Businesses With Instagram

4 Practical Tips Of Improving Businesses With Instagram

According to Statista, it has been discovered that there are over 700 million monthly users on Instagram. This means you can make a goal and have millions of free followers on Instagram. Also, this social media platform is less competitive and is more used on a daily basis than other massive social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


Perhaps, you are about to start creating awareness for your business, or you need to improve your online marketing strategies, below are four practical tips of using Instagram for your own good. Read along!


1. Integrate Creativity In All You Do


If you want to gain the attention of people quickly, offer a solution to their problems rather than the products you want to sell directly. Adding values to your prospects or clients is very crucial to be recognized on Instagram apart from the fact that it showcases your brand in a good image.


Now, you have to provide the solution in creative visual content. For instance, if your brand is a service-oriented one, you can display the process required to provide the service in a very enticing and smart way. Showcase the culture and mission of your brand to the world. Also, share tips and how to perform a technique. Apart from images, you should upload short videos of one-minute in length showing solutions to problems – it should be related to your brand though.


2. Use Instagram Stories


Although Instagram stories are designed to last for 24-hours in a slideshow format, they can be quite useful to improve your business. The feature is similar to Snapchat’s stories, and currently, it is being engaged a lot on Instagram.


Once you upload images or videos, it will show in the same sequence that you upload them – one useful feature here is that you can add as many as you want. You can use Instagram Stories Ads to target your audience and include CTAs to your collages which is particularly useful for promotions. Also, you can use Instagram Stories as a direct message to a prospect or client.


However, take note that Instagram stories can only be used with mobile apps.


3. Establish An Appealing And Winning Profile


First, if you are a brand that provides a lot of solutions, be informed that you cannot relay everything you do within 150 characters allowed for your profile page. Hence, you have to focus on your most important program at hand such as promotion, event, or launching of product.


You have to update your link on a frequent basis because the only clickable link is allowed on your Bio section as far as Instagram is concerned. Instead of using the link to connect your website alone, let it take your customer to the event registration center, for app download or even to initiate purchases. Hence, always remember to change the link as situation demands.


4. Share your Behind-The-Scene Moments with Clients/Followers


Naturally, audiences are always curious to know how and where the products are being made. With Instagram, you can show them exactly what they want. This strategy is particularly useful for brands that sell environmentally valuable products. You can showcase how your products are made from the fundamental materials, processing to distribution.


We are convinced that by adhering to the listed tips herein, your business will not only become noticeable to the public but also witness a massive development in the long run.