4 Reasons Fitness Is Moving from the Gym to the Home

4 Reasons Fitness Is Moving from the Gym to the Home

Latest fitness trends indicate that the exercise is moving from gym to the home. The main reason presented for this trend is said to be the increased cost and affordability of the gym. However, carefully analyzing the patterns of such fitness freaks, who opt for home fitness rather than going to the gym, are spending more money on online programs.

There are tons and tons of information available on mainstream social media and the internet, which is shifting the load from gyms to the own backyard. Health is the major concern for every individual and recently, people are becoming more concerned about long-term health investments.

A recent study by the Guardian shows the dropout rate is 80 percent high in the first eight weeks of the joining. The numbers are really alarming, despite all the motivation required to jump into the gym. But, having a bird’s eye view is not enough rather complete consideration of all factors that trigger this dropout is required. Commonly witnessed a pattern of dropouts is when the gym is far away from the home. Increases the lack interest, motivation is required to cater the issue. Another common trend noticed among the dropouts is not having any plan of focus. And that becomes even severe by not hiring a trainer.

But people are still very much conscious about health and are shifting the load to alternative methods. One of the approaches is, working out at home rather than traveling to the gym. Here are the 4 reasons that folks prefer to stay at home and exercise and not spend money on a gym.

Internet platforms for personal fitness:

The internet is proving the best source of information in every field of life and it continues to do so in health as well. Booming with hundreds of tons of qualified information, online fitness platforms are becoming the first choice for fitness freaks. Providing a chance for newbies to create own fitness plans, these platforms help in researching and finding the relevant information. Also, the expert advice and whole coverage of all aspects of exercise, nutrition, education, and support are all ones requires.

Online health coaching:

A few years back, when technology was not so ubiquitous in our lives, the only source of information one had for health and issues, was either the doctor or trainer at the gym. But technology and internet now have made everyone able to connect with each other at any shore of the world. There are now millions of experts and trainers available online for coaching, and one does not need to travel rather sit on the sofa and learn the expert advice at home.

Fitness product providers and retailers have also started to offer coaching to deep route their connection with the customers. It also helps find new customers by providing coaching or advice.

The era of functional fitness:

Having a look at the health and fitness trends of 2017, it can be easily found that functional fitness is the major part of health nowadays. No matter if it’s about the weight or getting some muscles, consumers are moving towards new resources that could help achieve goals anywhere without interrupting the routines.

Wearables are the present and future:

International Data Corporation study shows the increase in sales of different wearable technologies more than 163 percent in the recent years. Fitness devices are on the rise, it is a new booming business and consumers are lovingly spending good money on it. The result of this new trend is home fitness is becoming more trendy and easy.

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