5 Best Short Break Destinations in Germany

5 Best Short Break Destinations in Germany

You like traveling and exploring the world? You do not always have to wander into the distance to get to know new, exciting places! Germany also has many great holiday destinations to offer – often not so far away from home, making it ideal for a weekend getaway. Here you will find new inspirations for your next trip!

We introduce the 5 most popular destinations for a short break in Germany.
Let’s go the countdown:

  1. HESSE

On the 5th place falls the centrally located state of Hesse. What makes Hesse so special? Very easily! Hesse has on the one hand impressive regions such as the Rheingau and the Hessian mountain road to offer, on the other hand, the most amazing skyline in Germany. Whether nature, history, art or lifestyle, in Hesse you will find everything. The historically valuable UNESCO World Heritage Sites are always worth a visit.

The most popular attractions for a short break in Hesse:

The Städel Museum in Frankfurt, one of the most important German art museums with a varied offer such as evening tours, art talks or an open studio for children.

The Roman in Frankfurt am Main with its historic flair and one of the most beautiful and oldest town halls in Germany.

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The Bergpark in Kassel, UNESCO World Heritage with its water features, unique tree and plant wealth and the famous Schloss Wilhelmshöhe


The city on the Elbe lands at number 4 – Hamburg! What makes Hamburg so popular? Hamburg offers an exciting city life right on the water. In addition to shopping, culture and nature experiences, there should also be the best fish sandwiches here. And if that’s still not enough, you can visit the most famous street in Hamburg – the Reeperbahn. Enough to do so, during a Nordic getaway!

The most popular attractions for a short break in Hamburg are:

The Hamburg Cathedral is not a church, but a regular folk festival. With more than 10 million visitors a year, it is one of the largest in the north.

The Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway system in the world. At a scale of 1:87, you can watch excerpts from around the world.

The Port of Hamburg is the largest port in Germany. On various tours you can collect impressions around the harbour.


Berlin has made it into the top 3 most popular short-stay destinations. But what has Berlin, what other places in Germany do not have? Berlin is a city like no other, shaped by different people and cultures that make it so special. Especially for young people, Berlin is a paradise with its numerous clubs, extensive shopping facilities and small designer boutiques. But do not forget the cultural sights, because in Berlin you can experience history first-hand.

The most popular attractions for a short trip to Berlin:

The Brandenburg Gate is located in Berlin Mitte and is an important German landmark. Once it divided East and West Berlin, today it stands for the reunification.

The East Side Gallery can be found in the Friedrichshain district. It is the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall and was painted by artists from around the world.

In the Reichstag building in the district of Mitte is the seat of the German Bundestag and has become a popular tourist meeting place.


Also in the top 3, it has managed the most populous state: North Rhine-Westphalia! North Rhine-Westphalia not only offers many major cities with museums and theatres, but also recreational areas with numerous lakes and spas. Rivers like the Rhine and Ruhr characterize the region and are equipped with great cycle paths. A wide-ranging cultural program makes North Rhine-Westphalia just as popular and therefore comes in second place.

The most popular attractions for a short break in North Rhine-Westphalia:

The Cologne Cathedral is the third largest church building in the world and is characterized by its Gothic style.

The House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany is located in Bonn and is one of the most visited museums in Germany. You can see German history since 1945.

The coal mine Zollverein in Essen used to be a coal mine. Today there is a museum, various guided tours, and many other events.


The most popular destination for a short break in Germany is Bavaria. What makes Bavaria so popular? Is it the Bavarian hospitality? The lovable traditions? Or the unique mountain landscapes? It is probably the mix of everything that makes Bayern so sympathetic and therefore Bavaria lands well deserved in first place.

The most popular attractions for a short trip to Bavaria:

The Neuschwanstein Castle in Hohenschwangau is a fairy-tale castle in the mountains of Bavaria. It is also considered the inspiration for Walt Disney Castle.

The Marienplatz in Munich is the center and heart of the city. People come here to see the carillon, the Christmas market, and master celebration or city festivals.

The old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber impresses with its medieval monuments and cultural treasures. Surrounded by a fortress, you can dive into the past here.


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