5 Quick and Easy Tips to Make an SEO Friendly Website

5 Quick and Easy Tips to Make an SEO Friendly Website

For any business enterprise, it is essential that the website that they are using for marketing campaigns are SEO friendly. The reason behind this is that we put quite a large sum of funds in the campaigns, but all the money will be wasted if the content is not even visible to the prospective audience. This is why it is important to make sure that the Search Engine Optimisation of the web pages and website as a whole is top-notch.


Thus, in order to make sure that all the people who want to fix their website’s SEO without hiring an SEO company, today we are going to explain 5 easy tips that even someone who is not an SEO expert will be able to do. So, let’s get started:


  1. Keywords optimisation: Keyword or Key Phrases are quite important for the search engine optimisation of a website. The reason behind this is because of the simple factor that keywords are the base as to which search engines sort the results for the users. So, if the phrases used in the content are not related to the Industry and Audience you are focusing then the reach will get affected severely.


There are two kinds of Keywords, i.e., Long tail keywords and Short tail Keywords. Both of these have their own use and are used according to the need and size of the content. Long tail ones are best for the main frame and body of the content, whereas, Short tail phrases are effective when they are used in Title, Meta description and headings.


  1. Blog Posting: Continuous posting is something that is an important factor as for the SEO of the website. The search Engine algorithm is set to make sure that they show the latest articles in the top section. Thus, if the articles are not fresh then they will most probably end up in the lower ranks of the results. But, the main section of the website is the place where you cannot post whatever you want. Thus, it is for the best to make a Blog and start to post articles there. Content Management Systems like WordPress can be a great choice for such aspects.


  1. Fluent Navigation: when a user lands on your website, they start to look out for other contents and services too. So, if the navigation of the website is too complicated then they will have a hard time searching for the results they are looking for. Moreover, such issues lead to a bad impression, thus, this should be the last thing that you make any mistake for.


So, to fix this you can simply make an easy and simple XML sitemap. Also, make sure that the crawlers are able to get to all the content that is present on the website. Once, the navigation and linking of the website are better, the traffic will be increased. It is recommended to everyone that they should discuss this with a professional web development company if the size and partition of content are too much.


  1. Front and Back Links: Links are a quite effective aspect of SEO. Linking is based on the factor of Front and Back Links. Front links are simply the links that you put in your content. These links are sort of a direct advertisement of your articles. Meanwhile, Bank links are rather effective then Front Links.


The reason behind this is that they are not forced to the audience and every click on such links increase the rank of the website. So, to make sure that the Back links work in the best way possible, it is advised to link the website to several portals. This will help the content to get free audience exposure. Social Media can also be a place where you can effectively use this trick.


  1. Highly-Responsive Website: Nowadays, the responsiveness of the website is an important aspect that most of the search engines consider. Thus, if a website is not responsive, it is natural that they will end up on the lower ranks of the search results.


So, it is an important aspect for an SEO expert to make sure that the website is responsive on all kinds of platform. Thus, the website should have high responsiveness towards mobile, computers, laptops, tablets and all the other internet accessible devices.


So, these are the 5 aspects that will help you to make an SEO friendly website. These are easy to work upon and offer amazing results.