5 Reasons to Start Drinking Cannabis Tea

5 Reasons to Start Drinking Cannabis Tea

There is a lot of buzz around cannabis in the use lately, especially with how many authorities are reevaluating their stance about the drug. Impassioned arguments are being hurled left and right which only add fuel to the fire. This has led many to rethink about cannabis and its use. Before when the use of marijuana has largely been hidden from the public eye, relegated to private homes and select niche, the public was relatively ambivalent about it. But now that a fast-growing industry is centered around this controversial drug, people are getting more and more curious, some curious enough to give it a try. Smoking remains to be the most popular way of consuming cannabis but new ways are getting popular. One such way that many people discouraged by smoking have taken up is by drinking it through tea concoction.


The Tea with Cannabis Tea 


Basically, cannabis tea is a drink that’s infused with cannabis. It is prepared by steeping parts of the plant in hot or cold water and it is a recognized alternative form of taking the plant which many people prefer. The physical and mental effects of drinking cannabis in tea form still have the same effect as with smoking or consuming edibles.


There are two ways one can make cannabis tea. One is to use the buds of the plant, the other ways it to use the leaves and stems. The preparation using buds have a stronger effect while that of the leaves and stems are milder, used mainly to aid in sleeping. Cannabis tea is common offerings in many physical or online dispensaries.


Across the United States, and around the world, marijuana is still largely considered an illegal drug that is highly controlled. But as more and more governments and authorities loosening their grip and ban on the substance, its benefits are slowly coming into light.


Why Start Drinking Cannabis Tea 


For thousands of years, the benefits of cannabis have been known to many cultures across the world. It has been used as a form of traditional herbal medicine. In recent years, many people have considered it an alternative medicine in treating many ailments from chronic pain to insomnia. Cannabis tea has largely the same benefits as with all marijuana derivatives.


  1. Lung Health


One main benefit that cannabis tea offers to drinkers is it promotes lung health. Unlike smoking, drinking tea avoids any strain on the lungs without losing its effects on the body. With weed smoking being the most popular way of consuming marijuana, there have been a number of associated lung diseases, from mild irritation to bronchitis. This is actually one main reason people are discouraged from using cannabis. But with the introduction of better ways to consume cannabis, there is hope for those who are curious.


Another benefit that cannabis tea brings to respiratory health is its bronchodilation effect. This means cannabis is able to open up the airway passage, much like asthma medication, making it easier for oxygen to pass through. This makes breathing that much easier and smoother. This effect is great for those suffering from asthma and other lung ailments that make it hard to breathe normally.


  1. Improves the Heart


Much like exercise and a good diet, cannabis also helps to improve the overall health of our cardiovascular system. In a study published in the journal “Pharmacological Research,” compounds found in cannabis have been found to help reduce blood pressure and improve the circulation in the body. Much like its effect on the respiratory system, cannabis helps the arteries to relax and widen, making the flow of blood smoother.


In most cases, high blood pressure happens when the arteries narrow and harden which forces the heart to exert more pressure to pump blood. When these constricted arteries are blocked by fat, it leads to a heart attack. Cannabis could very well be the best alternative medicine to address this. There is an important caveat, though. Cannabis is not a direct replacement of high blood pressure and heart medication but helps in conjunction with these drugs.


  1. Helps with Nausea


We have all experienced nausea. It is uncomfortable, yes, but it is the body’s main defense mechanism to protect us from ingesting something harmful. But in cases where nausea is becoming chronic, it could lead to other health problems. Those undergoing chemotherapy are especially prone to excessive nausea due to chemotherapeutic agents.


The active ingredient in cannabis, THC, has been known to relieve nausea and increase one’s appetite. It is the primary reason why cannabis users experience what is commonly known as “munchies,” hunger related to cannabis use. Medical practitioners and patients alike have been known to exploit this effect in helping patients cope with nausea.


  1. Resolve Bowel Problems


Not only is cannabis tea good at easing nausea, but it can also help improve bowel movements. For many years, people have been using cannabis as a means to alleviate bowel problems like cramps, constipation, and diarrhea. Researches have been done that reveals cannabis to interact with receptors in the digestive tract and reduce spasms, pain, and help improve motility. Drinking it in tea form is an even better way to deliver its desired effects directly into the digest tract.


  1. May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease


Research is still on its early phases but there have been promising signs that drinking cannabis tea could help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. A study in its pre-clinical stage that’s been published in Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has shown that small doses of THC are able to slow down the production of beta-amyloid proteins, a hallmark sign of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The study, as noted, is still in its infancy and further research has to be done but this is wonderful news to those with a known predisposition to the disease.


Cannabis tea is growing in popularity. It is a great alternative to smoking or eating edibles, and its benefits are the same as the other ways of using cannabis. Because of how it is prepared, it brings more benefits to the body than merely smoking or eating.


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