5 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate

5 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate

No matter what kind of business you’re running, you need people to visit your website. However, while getting as much traffic as possible is great, it doesn’t mean anything unless that traffic converts. This is exactly why so many business owners in Australia keep doing whatever they can to increase their conversion rate. If you want a better conversion rate but you’re not sure how to achieve it, here are five simple tips that can help.


Embrace minimalism


Most people decide on how much they like a website in the first few seconds. In case people don’t like your website design, chances are they leave it even without browsing your product. Obviously, this is something you need to avoid and the best way to do it is to opt for a minimalist design. Studies have shown that internet users don’t enjoy using visually complex sites and leave them if they find it difficult to use. Find a web designer who can help you simplify your website and you’ll see your conversion rate increase.


Test everything


If you want to get more conversions, it’s critical that you get your website to look as good as possible. This includes everything from the home page layout to product images. But how do you know when you’ve got these right? Your safest bet is to test everything and use the data you collect to figure out what you should do. Doing some A/B testing shouldn’t be tough as long as you know what you’re doing. With all the tools available online, testing anything you want will be a breeze.


Turn to professionals


Running a business is all about making the right decisions at the right time. Increasing your conversion rate sure isn’t easy and choosing the moves to make in order to do it is even more difficult. Luckily, there are professionals out there who can help new business owners learn absolutely everything they need to know and make better decisions. Find a renowned business coach in Sydney you can turn to and there’s no doubt you’ll learn what to do in order to get a better conversion rate for your business.


Make it mobile-friendly


People in Australia now use mobile devices to browse the web. Desktops are still widely used but people now prefer smartphones and tablets as they allow them to search the web on the go. This means that if you want to increase your conversion rate, making your website mobile-friendly is a must. Fail to do this and you’ll have all mobile users leave the site as soon as they access it. With the way Australians are using mobile devices, it’s even a good idea to think about designing an app for your business.


Use CTAs


When you want potential customers to do something, giving them a little push can help. So, if you want them to buy your products instead of just skimming through your home page, make sure you use call-to-actions (CTAs) as much as possible. This strategy has proven to be extremely effective and most Australian business owners use it when designing their website. Use active verbs whenever possible and give visitors a clear idea of what they should do next. It’s recommended that you also use CTAs when posting stuff on your social media pages.


Over to you


Learning how to give your conversion rate a boost isn’t difficult and following these five tips is guaranteed to do the trick. Of course, it’s still necessary to offer top-notch products if you want to turn your website visitors into loyal customers.