5 Techniques to Attract a Man and Seduce Him

5 Techniques to Attract a Man and Seduce Him

You have read dozens of articles to find out how to attract a man, in all possible and imaginable circumstances. You have in mind different techniques, some that come close, others that totally oppose? Do you finally want something that is clear and effective? Here are 5 tips to attract men.

Attract a man by focusing on your appearance

We do not always want to admit the importance of appearance but do not be fooled, the first impression you make is important. What does it go through a first? By your appearance. Your physique, your clothes, your makeup and your hairstyle form this appearance. To attract men, you must treat it as best as possible to hit them in the eye, to point out and not to remain a simple person drowned in the mass of all these girls who will have released all their seductive paraphernalia.

How to stand out? By putting the right elements of your body in value. Do you have rather beautiful eyes or beautiful lips? Do you have a perfect line, a beautiful neckline or legs sublime? Choose each time a part of your body that you will put forward. Do not fall into the too much, you would be vulgar. By choosing the right elements of your physique, highlighted with a discreet but effective makeup and an outfit that sublimates you totally, the first impression you will show men will be good: that of a woman who knows the strengths of her body and who knows how to play while keeping its natural charm and elegance.

Attract a man with your tattoo

Having a cool tattoo that shows you are positive can attract anyone. There are so many meaningful symbols and their meaning for tattoos so you just pick one that shows your personality and positivity then get it on your body so you can show it to everyone.

Attract a man by slipping away at the right time

With that, your discussion will undoubtedly be very nice but you will nevertheless have to eclipse a time. Why? As you begin to find something in common? Simply because if you leave at the right time it will ask a lot of questions and keep you in mind. Did he do or say something he should not have done? Did you like it or not at all? Of course, you must not leave while it is in the middle of a sentence, it would be badly polite and would mean that it really annoys you: you will not see it again. Find a good excuse, just to eclipse for a moment. A friend late to call because you worry, an express passage to the toilet … what you want.

To prevent him from biting the nails of stress for not having liked you during your little discussion, tell him simply the reason that pushes you to leave for a moment, excusing you and smiling. He must feel that you are not running away from him because he has messed up by approaching you. It should not be that it seems to have misinterpreted your game looks and smiles. In short, leave on a sincere and positive note that gives him food for thought without biting his nails

Attract a man playing with looks and smile

Attract a Man

The first appearance is very important, but it is not enough, far from it. You knew how to catch the eyes of these men, now it is appropriate that you manage to keep the attention of one of them. Nothing complicated to do: just use your beautiful eyes, allied with smiles and well placed. This alliance works every time, it is necessary to know how to handle this power of seduction, almost innate in women. Indeed, if you fix a man by smiling at him stupidly, it is unlikely, despite a beautifully developed appearance, that he wants to come to see you. The games of looks and the smile are to handle with technique.

The first step to attract a man, hang his eyes. You look at him in the eyes for a few seconds before turning away, by false timidity, a small discreet smile on his lips. He sees you as an interested woman but shy, which is cute. But you still have to take a second look, more support, and a slight smile. You show him again that you are interested but do not neglect your friends any less: after this second look; you return to your business with them talking and laughing. You find it attractive but you also have a life and friends; you are not stuck. The third and last step then comes: you repeat the second look supported, smiling at him discreetly, but continuing to talk to your friends.

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Attract a man by showing warm and social

Unless the man you have chosen to seduce prefers men or his girlfriend to whom he wants to remain faithful, he will come to you to talk to you and determine if you are as interesting as what you let appear in appearance. Do not panic, even for the shy ones! The goal is not to engage the biggest discussion of your life by talking about politics and philosophy. If you still worry, tell yourself he is at least as stressed as you are, lest you reject him as he approaches you. So, breathe and be natural: welcoming and open to put him in confidence.

You must be comfortable both: a banal discussion is in order. What he does in life, his hobbies etc. You will quickly see if it can stick between you or if it is finally unbearable. But do not grill your chances by asking him a lot of questions, you’re not doing him an interrogation. This moment must be an exchange, a moment of sharing between you. You must be warm and social so that he too will want to see you again and become more than just people who have met at some point in their lives.

Attract a man by playing the card of scarcity

So, you get lost and do what you have to do: call, small pose makeup or sticky to hand, what you want. You return to the room a few moments later. But be careful, do not go to him as if you were going to talk to him and you only thought about him during this time of absence. You have to play the scarcity card by letting yourself a little want. You appreciate it a lot, he felt it, but you also came to this place to spend some time with your friends. If he wants you, he’ll have to come to you.

Your handsome prince should not belong in seeing you are back in the room. Take advantage of this time to show him again that you are a warm and social woman laughing with your friends. This should not be difficult as you are with your friends. He then realizes how much you really seem to be a nice and nice person. Playing this card of rarity by going to see your friends is all good for you: a little good time with your friends while seducing the man with whom you will surely return.

And you? Do you have specific techniques to attract men? Tell us all in a comment.

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