5 Tips on How to Feel Great in 2018

5 Tips on How to Feel Great in 2018

Who doesn’t want to be feeling their best every day? We want to wake up feeling energised, but for so many we feel like we need a month’s sleep or an IV drip filled with coffee, just to make it through the day.

Feeling good has never been easier and here are five steps to ensure you feel great this year!


Sleep is amazing! It’s your body’s way of restoring itself and preparing for the next day. Although so many of us don’t get the sleep we need.

Think about a time you stayed up all night, the next morning it was probably almost impossible to get out bed and your day was probably horrible. You would have been grumpy, making silly mistakes and feeling terrible.

Regular sleep is the first step to feeling good. Adults are recommended to have around 8 hours of sleep a night. Setting yourself up for a good sleep is important, try and set a time to go to bed each night. This will motivate you and hopefully stop those accidental 4 am bedtimes. After a few days, you will notice your change in energy and how good you feel.

Eat Clean

What we put into our body affects how our body functions and how we feel. If we are going through the drive-through eating deep fried food that is dripping with grease, it’s unlikely you would feel good. So the solution to feeling great is eating great.  If we eat right our bodies will thank us.

A tip to eating right is meal prep and planning; we tend to eat the wrong foods when we feel rushed or disorganised, fast food being the easy fix. Take time on Sunday to plan your meals for the next week.  Being prepared will stop the temptation of going through drive through on the way home.

Eating right doesn’t only improve your energy; you will have improved concentration, be healthier and overall feel great. In just a few days you will see how fuelling your body with good food will improve how you feel.


It sounds horrible. Most of us try and avoid it if we can. We make plans to go but never turn up and sadly making plans to go to the gym isn’t the same as exercising.  It sounds ridiculous that to feel good we have to run, climb and sweat, but we really do.  Regular exercise provides you with more energy, improved health and feeling happier.

Every time you exercise, no matter if it’s for an hour or 20 minutes, your body releases endorphins which are responsible for that happy feeling you get after exercise. Endorphins not only make you happy but also help reduce stress.

If the gym is stopping you from exercising, grab some friends and go for a walk. Join a fitness group or sporting team at your local park.  You will be surprised at how exercising just a few times a week will improve how you feel.

Re-align Your Body

Sometimes our bodies need a little help to stay feeling good. If you’re sitting in an office all day or are continually lifting heavy objects, your body can come out of alignment.

When your back or neck is out of alignment it isn’t just uncomfortable; it can cause other issues. It can disrupt concentration, cause migraines and headaches and some can experience dizziness or nausea.

A way to prevent this is to visit your local chiropractor for adjustments can keep your body in line and feeling great.  Some may be a little hesitant to visit a chiro, the thought of having your back cracked sends them running. But don’t let this scare you.

Chiropractors provide safe realignments to allow your body to feel good and be work to its full potential.  A review of whether spinal adjustments are safe shows that there are 1 to 3 incidents per million treatments and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs carries a hundred-times-greater risk of severe injury or death.


Relaxing means something different to everyone, for some a yoga class or reading a book is the way to go, others it’s a boxing class working out the day’s stress.  No matter how you relax, it is essential that you do.

Relaxing allows your body to unwind. Stress can be dangerous to your health so it’s important you find a way to handle your day-to-day stress. Relaxing no matter how you do it, will help fight stress, lower anxiety and other stress related issues

Before bed or whenever you get a spare 30 mins, take the time to relax and let your body recuperate. This will keep you feeling great all year round.

Feeling good isn’t hard or complicated. You don’t need complicated daily routines or professional trainers and dieticians to feel good. Use these tips for a healthier, happier 2018.