6 Effective Ways to Cope with Asthma

6 Effective Ways to Cope with Asthma

Handling a condition such as asthma can be immensely stressful, as it is chronic. It requires the affected person to stay alert and even adjust their lifestyle in accordance. Though demanding, coping with asthma can be done in several ways in order to prevent or soften its attacks. Here are some of the suggestions to make your battle with this condition more successful.

Keep your inhaler close

Keep Your Inhaler Close

In case you begin to feel certain symptoms and are therefore suspecting that you’re about to have an asthma attack, wherever you go, you ought to have your inhaler close so you’ll be able to react promptly. Before you acquire an inhaler, bear in mind that there are different kinds of these devices, and it’s best to consult your doctor first and find out which kind will probably suit you best.

Learn more about your condition

Some people turn to denial about their condition, which only makes the situation worse. The sooner you accept the established diagnosis, the sooner you will become better equipped and informed in order to tackle the issue. Read and do extensive research on asthma: how it is caused, how it affects people, what its symptoms are and how the attacks can be avoided.

Remove asthma triggers in your own home

Remove Asthma Triggers

This one could be among the most important suggestions for battling asthma. The level of hygiene in your home is of utmost significance if you really want to help yourself. Make it a priority to keep dust out of all rooms as much as it is in your power. Clean your carpet regularly, especially the rooms where you spend most of your time. Regular dusting is also required, preferably with a damp cloth. Avoid draughts, as they can make asthma triggers like dust and dander float around and the chances of inhaling them are higher. Clean your floors and keep dirt out of your house.

Another convenient way to control the levels of asthma triggers in your home is to keep the air itself clean. Choose the best air purifier you can find, preferably one with a HEPA filter to make sure you’re getting rid of as many unwanted airborne particles as possible. An effective purifier will collect mold, dust, dirt, dander, and other potential enemies to your health. Additionally, don’t forget to ban smoking in your house.

Avoid potentially dangerous environments

Although it is generally hard to control our environment outside our own home, certain things are possible to achieve to an extent. Try to stay away from places where you know there the rooms will be filled with tobacco smoke, dust, or where the air is stuffy. In addition, if you have noticed that there are some other things which worsen your problem, for example, strong perfume or deodorant, quit using them. Also, you can kindly ask your family, friends, or colleagues to be extra careful with such products when they’re around you.

If you have pets…


It would be a wise move to try and limit the area in your home that your pets have access to. For example, if you live in a two-storey house, you can decide to let your pet dog or cat roam around freely on the ground floor, and make the upper part of the house a pet-free area. By doing so, you will be lowering the amount of pet dander and hair lying around which can be harmful for you.

Use the peak flow meter to stay alert

Besides the inhaler, another very useful device you should introduce into your life is the peak flow meter. It is quite affordable, and it will allow you to monitor the airflow out of your lungs by measuring the air one blows out of their lungs in one go. You should use this device as a part of your asthma management plan because it can alert you if the symptoms are worsening. Once you know the severity of your symptoms, you can decide to either take your medicine or seek emergency care.

Although it can be a struggle, coping with this condition is indeed possible if one behaves responsibly towards themselves and acquires specific lifestyle adjustments necessary for maintaining one’s health.