6 Effective Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically

6 Effective Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically

Whether you have a business profile on Instagram or a personal one, to gain maximum followers is a universal aspiration. With the recent success of Instagram that saw the app become one of the most popular worldwide in the last few years, growing your followership is an important task.


There are more ways than one for this as well. Of course, when you have the means for it and can Buy Instagram Comments or followers, you might be in the best-case scenario. As quick and efficient this way might be, not everyone will always have the means to do so.


If you are like us and would rather invest your time and effort into more organic ways of expanding followership on Instagram, here are few suggestions that will help you achieve you goal:


1: Use Your Hashtags Skillfully


One of the more significant organic ways to improve Instagram followership is to use hashtags. These help with people engagement on the social media app inviting more people to see your posts. When you have the right kind of posts for your page and also have relevant hashtags used, you will experience a growth in your followership very quickly.


Especially when you have a relatively new Instagram profile, posting pictures and content with use of hashtags can really help. Here are some of the most popular hashtags right now with their numbers:


  1. #love (1.3 billion)
  2. #photooftheday (507 million)
  3. #fashion (487 million)
  4. #beautiful (463 million)
  5. #happy (427 million)


2: Use Right Instagram Filters for Posts


The Instagram community likes and responds to certain filters more favorably. The actual range of filters available when posting your pictures or content on the app has grown substantially in the past year or so.


5 of the most important and accepted Instagram filters for photos are:


  • Normal (No Filter)
  • Clarendon
  • Juno
  • Lark
  • Ludwig


Not all Instagram filters do as well as these 5. However, to find the right one for your specific picture or post is quite important.


3: Right Posting Times on Instagram


Naturally, there are different time scales for Instagram posts to have maximum engagement. The timeline for everyone or their homepage refreshes every so often highlight most recent posts at any given time. Yet, different types of profiles require different right times to have posts through them.


You should be able to analyze exactly the right times for your posts to go live. If your users or followers and also potential followers are likely to open the app in the morning, the early 7-9 window should be preferred. If you have a profile that is likely to engage people who get to their app later in the day, an afternoon window would suit best.


As a rule of thumb, three posting windows, i.e. 7am-9am, 12pm-2pm and 7pm-9pm are generally the right times. You can safely target most audiences enticing them to follow you posting at these times.


4: Steal Your Competitor’s Instagram Followers


As unethical as this one may sound, it can be very efficient. The best part is, you are not paying anyone to follow you or even using any unfair means at all. What you need to do is to present your profile as a different alternative for people to follow.


Ideally, you would want to:


  • Follow a user from your competitors list
  • Like their photos or posts
  • Comment on their photos and get under their radar


This would help them notice you and you would automatically know that they are interested audiences for your profile. If you follow and like people who have interest in your profile type, you are likely to get a response from them.


  • Follow = 14% Follow-Back
  • Follow + Like = 22% Follow-Back
  • Follow + Like + Comment = 34% Follow-Back


5: Pay for Influencer Marketing


When you know the Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers from, you are in the best-case scenario. Even when you don’t, there are still options you have including paying for influencer marketing on Instagram. Influencers for practically even niche and type of profiles have grown in numbers and are now much easily find-able.


You might be asked small fees by these influencer profiles. They will most likely feature your products, services or brand names on their profiles under product reviews, brand mentions or any other sponsored posts. You should be ready to pay up their small fees and enjoy the advantages it brings.


6: Improve Local Discoverability with Geotags


Additional to hashtags, another very important factor is geotags when it comes to becoming discoverable for new followers. Geotagging applies to both stories and posts where you can tag your location along.


Starting from a city, you can also tag any given venues, shopping malls, restaurants and many other public places. Your posts become visible when other users search for those locations. This also has the ability to boost your followership by increasing reachability for your posts.