6 Kitchen Tips For Easy and Convenient Cooking

6 Kitchen Tips For Easy and Convenient Cooking

Although cooking can be an extremely fun activity, sometimes you can run into a few scenarios where you get stumped. However while almost 90% of all Americans claim that they do not enjoy the process of cooking, 98% of all Americans actually claim that they would much rather prefer a home-cooked meal than a prepared one. This is largely contributed to the fact that a home cooked meal enables the individuals in the household to eat healthier meals, have better control of what they eat, a good way for families to get together and of course the cost efficiency.


Furthermore, most Americans, 51% to be exact, claim that they would only devote a maximum of one hour to cooking food. Given this fact, many people who cook at home may actually be halted before they even begin, considering that many foods such as meats and poultry can take much longer than that to prepare the traditional way. Consequently, you are probably always looking for easier, more efficient ways to cook foods at home, while adding some tips and tricks to the preparation. Below is a list of the best kitchen tips for easy and convenient cooking.


  1. Place lemon slices under fish when grilling:


When you grill fish, you will notice that it tends to stick to the grill. Sometimes the fish will actually even begin to break up and fall apart when placed on the grill. However, if you cut slices of lemon and place then under your fish while on the grill, the fish will no longer get stuck to it. Additionally, the lemons will add a little bit of zesty-flavor to your fish.


  1. Pre-freeze your meat for 30 minutes before making a stir-fry:


If you’re looking to make a stir-fry with delicious thin slices of meat added to it, try semi-freezing your meat before cooking it. This will allow you to cut the meat into very thin slices. Before throwing them on the stove, make sure to let the meat defrost for a little bit. After that, you’re ready to make a professional restaurant-like stir-fry.


  1. Put a thumbprint in the middle of your burger:


Burgers should be cooked flat, not round. To ensure this happens, simply place and press your thumb in the middle of the burger before cooking it. Before placing the burger on the grill, make this thumbprint in the middle of the party. This enables the burger to maintain its shape during cooking, as burgers generally tend to swell-up and lose flavor during the cooking process.


  1. Score steak:


If you’re looking for a more juicy, evenly cooked steak, simply draw or cut shallow cuts all across the entire steak. Then, turn the steak around and cut it all over again, ultimately providing you with a cross-hatch look. Before cooking it, make sure to season the steak with your favorite herbs, spices or garlic. When the steak is scored in this fashion, all of the additives such as the spices or herbs will embed themselves deep into the cuts, leaving you with a juicy, perfect cut of steak. Every two minutes, make sure to flip the steak so it gets cooked evenly on both sides.


  1. Smear marmite over lamb before cooking:


Before roasting lamb, try smearing a bit of marmite all over the meat. You will notice just how better the meat tastes. However, remember that a little bit goes a long way when using this product. There are numerous ways in which you can prepare lamb. So next time you decide to cook lamb, make sure to check out these lamb recipes to try for your next dinner.


  1. Freeze onions before chopping:


You’ve most likely attempted to cut an onion and noticed some unintentional tears coming down your face. This is because onions regularly produce an irritating gas known as syn-propanethial-s-oxide. Basically, it stimulates a gland in your eyes which causes you to tear-up. However, that shouldn’t stop you from cooking them since they pair excellently with lamb and beef. To stop the crying, simply place the onion in the freezer for about 12-15 minutes before chopping it up. The sulfur compound in onions will now be concentrated in the middle of the root. Additionally, make sure to cook the onions soon after you chop them, as waiting can cause them to turn soggy and lose their crispness. One more tip you can use for stopping the years caused by onions is to place a piece of bread in your mouth while leaving a tiny end sticking out when chopping them. The bread will help in catching the fumes before hitting your eyes.


Cooking is an extremely healthy alternative to eating in general. But it’s understandable that some foods take a little bit longer to prepare, and can often be frustrating to handle. By utilizing some of these tips and hacks, you may end up saving some time to chef up even more food.