6 Smart Business Ideas for Millennial Entrepreneurs

6 Smart Business Ideas for Millennial Entrepreneurs

If you’re a millennial, you’re probably well familiar with the typical stereotypes usually assigned to your generation. Older generations are quick to call yours lazy, entitled, and difficult to work with. However, the truth is that starting a business – and making it successful – is more difficult than ever before. Yet, the millennial generation is changing the world of business in many different ways. With that in mind, here are six business ideas you should consider if you want to become a successful entrepreneur.


1.      Become a social media manager


Most millennials are experts when it comes to social media, and we all know how important social media is nowadays. Whether you want to promote a new product or service, connect with your audience, or simply spread awareness of your business, you need to use social media. So, knowing how to do that is a valuable skill – a skill that you can use to teach smaller companies how to stay visible in the marketplace. It’s also a great starting point, as it can lead to many other opportunities in the area of digital marketing.


2.      Become a travel blogger


Become a travel blogger


This industry is still growing, and it’s hard to find a person that doesn’t like traveling. Moreover, people like travel videos because they can give them an idea of where they should (or shouldn’t) travel next, or they can give them a piece of something they might not be able to experience themselves. Nevertheless, becoming a travel blogger and promoting different brands while traveling could be a great way to experience the world, share your experience with other people, and fund your travels through donations and promotions. All you really need is social media profiles and good content. The rest would follow in no time. 


3.      Invest in a cleaning service


If you happen to like cleaning and your home is always spotless, you should consider turning this skill into a business. After all, some might call you “OCD” for cleaning your home so thoroughly, but in the business world, being a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning is a good thing. Moreover, if you’re unsure about starting your own business from scratch, even though you know a lot about cleaning, you can always become a part of some good cleaning business franchise. This way, you’d already be familiar with the field, but you wouldn’t have that insecurity about starting something new on your own.


4.      Build apps for smart devices


Build apps for smart devices


Since technology is becoming more and more accessible all around the world, there is a higher demand for apps that can improve our modern lives. For millennials who’ve grown up in the digital age, this could be a great opportunity. Of course, it might require some programming skills as well, but if you do have them – or if you can partner up with somebody who does – all it takes is a good idea and some smart marketing.


5.      Stream videos


At first, most people saw YouTube as only a means of entertainment and not so much as a business opportunity. Nowadays, though, it has become one of the best tools for becoming an “influencer” and entrepreneur. It doesn’t really matter what your topic of streaming is, as long as you’re passionate about it and know how to present yourself in an interesting way. That being said, a great part of video streaming is having a likable personality, so it does require certain skills. However, if you feel comfortable in front of cameras and you like sharing your daily life with others, it could be a great way to earn money by doing something you enjoy.


6.      Offer pet-related services


Offer pet-related services


Millennials are known for their love of pets, as research has shown that many of them would like to live in a house mostly so their dogs would have a better life. So, if you happen to love pets, you should consider turning this love into a business opportunity. After all, every person with a pet needs somebody to take care of their furry family member from time to time. Or, they might happen to be too busy to walk them as often as they’d like to, and that’s also where you could step in.


Millennials are known for changing the world in their own way, and they want to feel like they are making an impact. So, consider the listed ideas, choose those that would make your life more fulfilling, and you’d be able to call yourself a successful – and happy – entrepreneur sooner than you might think.