7 Details To Get You Through Your Wedding Planning Phase

7 Details To Get You Through Your Wedding Planning Phase

Is your wedding planning something that is stressing you out? It’s definitely something that is understandable. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. Yes, there are several decisions you will have to make and details you will have to consider and yes, some of them could pretty much have a big impact on your “important” wedding budget.

The good news is that with a little extra help and preparation from wedding decorators in Atlanta, you will easily slide your way to “I do” in no time. In order to get you through your wedding planning, there are some important details, tips, and tools that could help you through your grand wedding planning with ease.

Complete Your Wedding Checklist

Usually, the best place for you to start is by simply wrapping your head around other things that fall into the wedding planning. What’s the easiest way to accomplish that? Consider working on creating a custom wedding planning checklist. Upon making your wedding checklist by yourself, you will be able to start considering the details you want and do not want to include in your wedding list. This will help you to begin with making decisions based on your own wedding time.

Wedding Checklist

Have a Budget Ready

A wedding planning phase is nothing without having the right budget. You have to create one in order to keep things working according to how much you can afford. Sure, your wedding will be one of the most major decisions you will ever make, but having an idea of how much you need to spend in different areas is something different. While you will ultimately have to decide how much finances will rest on some certain items (including photography, venue, and food), when you make a budget list or use a budget tracker, it will give you an idea of where you need to start.

Choose the Best Vendors

It is all true; a wedding is incomplete without an incredible and fantastic team of wedding planners or vendors. However, where do you start looking? The best thing is to contact event planners in your area such as Let’s Celebrate Events who can guide and advise you on the best options you can choose for your theme. You can also go through their reviews to learn more about the services and their satisfactory rates.

Entertainment Options

It is best that you also think about setting up some entertainment to keep your guests well entertained. Work on some details such as live music, a photo booth with props, and so many other options. You can work with your event planners for some other options such as music (could be your favorite playlist), and more.

Personalized Registry

Although addition to your wedding planning will not help to bring your day of ideas to life, yes it certainly will help a wedding planning staple. Once your future spouse establishes the kind of registry that best fits the status of you two, whether it means a honeymoon registry or something like a kitchen registry, you can pick your favorite partner and put up all the details.

The Lighting

You should know that the lighting plays an important role. It could create a sense of intimacy; highlight some elements of your décor, especially if you plan to have a center stage. Apart from making the entire area stand out, proper lighting can make you and your spouse-to-be appear amazing in pictures. You can ask your wedding event decorators to hand lights or lamps with crystal chandeliers or patterned crystals. This helps to transform the space from a simple, plain to extravagant space. You could also have string lighting, which you could ask your planners to adjust anywhere. Whether it means to create a faux ceiling or connect the entire reception space together.

Wedding Lighting

Floral Decorations

Other important details for your grand day include setting up the floral decorations. No matter the venue you choose, you need to know that first impression always matter for the reception space and the ceremony. A personalized entrance with floral decorations will make the space more welcoming and let your guests feel they are in a home.

Wedding Floral Decorations

If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, you can work with your planners and have eucalyptus garlands around the door frames, or glass lanterns hanging from trees. If it is a ballroom, your florists could escort an escort card table arrangement with lots of height so it is the first thing your guests see. If you choose a rustic affair, lots of lanterns could work best to line the pathways.

Planning your wedding in Atlanta will require you to carry out a thorough research on some of the best planners in your area. It is advisable that you pay attention to these details before the grand day comes. This will help to ensure you have a stress-free experience.