7 Easy Furniture Care Tips You Can’t-Miss

7 Easy Furniture Care Tips You Can’t-Miss

The moment when you find that perfect piece of furniture, you feel very gratifying. After all, you are one step closer now to fulfill your home décor vision of the new year you have just stepped into.

Now it is time to unwind, relax and revel in your home.

However, is it possible to continue this merrymaking for as long as you can? Yes, it is.

I want you to keep relishing the feeling of contentment with your furniture. Keep your furniture from looking old, worn-out or broken by following these four simple furniture treatment tips and tricks.

  1. Read the ‘Handle with Care’ Label

Handle with Care

If your furniture contains a ‘handle with care’ label, read it! These details are vital since they are highly specific to the furniture piece that you bought. Your furniture may look completely new right now, but to keep it looking this way you will need to get familiar with the exact tricks to handle it. In case your furniture did not include any such label, you can ask from the service center from where you bought it or go on asking a furniture expert (like me) for specific care instructions.

  1. Avoid Sunshine Exposure

Colored Furniture

Continuous exposure to sun leads to photodegradation. Therefore, keep the furniture away from the direct sunlight. Avoid keeping your colored furniture, especially black gloss lounge furniture under home windows to avoid fading with time. If you have no option but to keep your furniture near the window, then, consider spinning or moving the furniture often. Regularly conditioning leather couches will decelerate the procedure of cracking. Go for window tints if you want to avoid direct sunlight falling on your beloved sofa.

  1. Rotate and Change

Clean Carpets

Have you ever felt that you always sit on the same side of the sofa? Revolving your cushions can help them from losing their form. You can even try to sit down in a different spot; change is after all highly welcoming! Do not forget to vacuum cushions each week, as this can help to decelerate the indicators of sofa aging. Do not forget to turn your mattresses as well, especially during spring and fall seasons.

  1. Protect Surfaces

Master Cleaning Supply

Tabletop usage brings about a whole lot of deterioration, wear and tear of the fixtures. You could protect the top in many ways. Coasters are excellent for those troublesome watermark lines from glassware. Use placemats, runners, tablecloths, or glass coverings to safeguard tops from food spots, general consumption or children’s crayons and markers. Use coasters to save your black and white corner desks, high gloss high coffee tables and gloss storage units.

Cleaning with moderate soap and a damp towel, dusting, and regular polishing help keep up with the look. Don’t over polish as it may lead to stripping of the natural surface finish.

Below are a few tricks for cleaning some common furniture materials:

  1. Wood: Use gentle soap on a soft towel. Go for damp cloth instead of a wet one, for cleaning and a clean sheet to dry the surface.
  2. Leather: Always, dust the leather surface before cleaning. Make a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water to clean down the leather with a wet, not moist, piece of cloth. Always dry using a fresh towel.
  3. Fabric: First check for the ‘handle with care’ details and determine what type of detergent and cleaning method you can use for washing fabrics. Always use a mild detergent if nothing is mentioned.

In case you need to know more about cleaning your furniture items, ask your query in the comment box.

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