7 Factors Affecting the Cedar Shingle Siding Cost

7 Factors Affecting the Cedar Shingle Siding Cost

Siding protects our house from an environmental condition like snow, heat or rain. It creates a stable and comfortable environment inside the house. There are many types of siding like vinyl, cedar, cement and more. But here we will be discussing specifically about cedar shingle siding installation and the factors affecting its cost.

Let’s dive into the factors!

1- Cost Varies According to the Quality of Material Used

Cedar is a type of wood. The quality of the wood is dependent on many variables and this drives the value of the wood. Cedar shingle siding is built from a wood that is free of knots and voids. This means that there are less chances of splitting or warping. Furthermore, if you decide to place the two layers of cedar for better insulation, then one layer will be of cedar and other will be of other material.

In addition, the quality of wood length also matters a lot. 18’’ planks are best to choose as compared to 24” planks. The cost of a small plank is less but more planks will be needed to complete the job. However, for the installation of planks, you need to hire Cape Cod shingle siding contractor to get the work done by highly-skilled workers.

2- Cost is Affected By Edge Types

The edges of cedar shake usually have a straight cut. Shakes in comparison to shingles are little thick, but they both are wedge-shaped. The types like straight cut bottom and butt end make long horizontal shadow lines that are most preferable with Cedar Shakes.

Some homeowners prefer a staggered pattern that creates a more complex shadow line. The various width of shingles and shakes are used with staggered pattern.

Moreover, you can cut butt side other than the straight edge. If you are easy to pay extra, then you get various bottom edge shapes including octagonal, round, arrow, fish scale, and diagonal.

3- Color Increase or Decrease the Cost of Cedar Shingles

Cedar has many beautiful colors shades and it is one of most commonly used house siding type. You will get light color when you are getting the wood from a white cedar tree. You can also get dark color from red cedar woods. To preserve the color of cedar shingles you need to apply sealer with help of siding contractors. But you need to do it with after a few years. Cedar siding can be pre-painted, pre-primed and painted after installation. These all elements increases the cost for the installation, protection, and maintenance.

4-Cedar Style and Material Type Has A Huge Impact on Post

The appearance and cost of the cedar are affected by color and profile of cedar. The butt end of each shake has a great effect on visibility of shadow line after the completion of work. However, the color can be either natural or stained. Ever style and color come with a different price tag so depending on your preference the price will be varying, it can increase or remain within your budget.

5- Cost Depends On Exterior Structure of the House

An average home has six to twelve corners. If some houses are bigger, then they might have 12 corners. The contractors will see the doors and window opening as well during the process. These areas do not require siding but time is needed to properly install the siding. The amount of plank used will be dependent on the size of the house. When more planks will be used either small or large the price of installation will increase.

6- Residential Location Makes or Breaks The Costs

Your place of residence does affect the cost of installation. If your house is located at a place that is far from cedar mills you have to bear the cost of transportation. You also need to keep in mind the factor of moisture. The cedar shakes should be able to tolerate the humidity in the area otherwise the they will bow and break. If you have a house in a remote area, then you have to add the cost of travelling and lodging of workers as well.

7-Labor Cost Cannot Be Neglected

For installing 1000 square feet of siding, 60 to 70 hours are required. In the case of 1580 square foot, approximately 90 to 105 hours are required. The estimation of labor can vary according to the place and structure of your home. Generally, it is best to contact contractors for siding services in winter or fall to get reasonable prices.

Selection of the Right Cedar Shingle Installer Saves You Money

Many siding contractors do an inspection of the house before giving an estimate. It is recommended to take 3 or 4 estimates from different companies. Do some research by yourself to ensure that they are professional and experienced.

Every estimate made by the respective contractor will be different, some might also include the amount for bonding and insurance. Don’t just go for the lower price tag, ensure that everything is included in the deal. It is better to add 7 to 15% more amount in your budget as compared to the price you have thought. This will help you to run your project if any complexity appears.

[BONUS] Cedar Shingle Siding Cost Details

Now, we will be looking at the price ranges per square foot, shingle prices, and price needed to remove an old siding. The cost mentioned here just an estimate.

An average cost of cedar siding shingle is $5 to $14 per square foot. You will be paying $10,000 TO $24,600 when hiring a licensed contractor for installation. This price also includes the cost of removing the previous siding.

Now we will be looking at the three categories basic, intermediate and expensive. Your estimate may fit in these categories.

Basic: In this, the price range is between $1.75 to $2.95. This price is for a rectangular shape single story home that includes garage, have six exterior surfaces, gables up to 6/12 pitch and cedar plank siding.

Intermediate: In this category, the price ranges between $2.15 to $4.75. This price covers the complex rectangular shape or 2 story home. It includes garage, eight walls, gables up to 6/12 pitch and you get both shingle/shake siding and cedar plank.

Expensive: This category has a price tag of $3 to $7. It covers a house having multiple story structure and having more than eight walls. It includes gables sharp than 6/12 roof pitch and cedar shingles or shakes.

Hope these extensive details will be helpful when you are going to have cedar shingle siding installation for your house.