7 Most Common Household Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

7 Most Common Household Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

Chilling at home is usually a very pleasant activity, but every once in a while, things turn south and you end up with a real emergency on your hands. So, in order to be prepared for all unpleasantries, here’s a list of the most common household emergencies and ways to handle them.


Kitchen fire


Home Emergencies


One of the most common home emergencies is a kitchen fire. If your oil catches fire, never use water to put it out—you’ll only make things worse. Instead, find a lid and cover the pot until the fire dies out. If you don’t have a big enough lid, douse the fire with baking soda. You’ll have to throw away your food, but your kitchen will be saved!


Furnace failure


This is a very tricky household emergency, especially in the winter. So, if you notice your furnace is acting up, first shut down the power and then look inside. If you’re using gas, maybe the pilot light has gone out and needs to be ignited. You might also want to check the wiring or burnt out switches and sensors. See if the motor and fan are in good condition. If nothing works, professionals will probably know how to handle your emergency.


Power outage


Power Outage


There are many reasons why you might stay without electricity. So, in case of a blackout, find a flashlight and make sure your family is okay. Next, see if your neighbors have power. If they do, there was probably an overload or some other issue that caused your breakers to trip. On the other hand, if your entire neighborhood lost power, contact your power company to get information of repair times.




If you often hear scratching in the walls or notice pest droppings, don’t hesitate to handle your problem as soon as possible. Grab a flashlight and check out your home both from the outside and inside. There are three things to keep your eye on droppings, signs of chewing and any little holes and crevices that pests might be using. Cover the holes with sealant and set your traps. If mice or rats still continue to appear, it’s time to call in the professional exterminators before rodents cause any structural damage to your home.


Clogged or leaky toilets


If your toilet won’t stop running and won’t drain properly, there’s a huge possibility that it will overflow and cause plenty of damage to your property. There’s a big possibility that you have a faulty fill tube or a broken float that’s keeping the water running, so find the valve and turn it off. Then you might want to call your emergency plumber or try to handle the clog and your faulty float on your own. Even if you don’t have a plugged toilet, you can’t just let all the water go to waste. Many governments all over the world with Australia at the top position are encouraging water efficiency and conservation, so you might want to do your part and help our aching planet.


Leaky ceiling


Many people often experience drips from the ceiling after a storm. So if that happens to you, first get a bucket to prevent water damage to your floors and furniture. Next, check your attic and locate the source of your leak (it’s usually a damaged roof). Be patient, because the leak can be quite far from the actual source. Call the repairmen as soon as you can to avoid any bigger issues. On the other hand, if you experience a sudden leak even during nice weather, you might have a burst pipe which requires immediate professional attention.


Leaky pipes


Sydney Emergency Plumbing Experts


There are issues that seem minor, but if left unattended, they can cause huge damage to your property. The water from leaky taps or slow-draining sinks, which are very common problems in some countries like Australia, can pool in the pockets in your home and even damage the structure and foundations. Plus, all that water will be wasted instead of used for something more productive. So, make sure to contact Sydney emergency plumbing experts who will take care of your problem in no time. Just don’t whip out your toolbox and try to tackle the issue yourself. Plumbing emergencies are not something amateurs should mess with.


Once you know what to do if emergency strikes, you’ll be a homeowner that won’t be caught off guard. Your family and property will always be safe!