7 Satisfying Moments of Every Overlanding Trip

7 Satisfying Moments of Every Overlanding Trip

Your hero hair flying in the air, a set of perfectly reflective and shiny sunglasses sitting on your hat’s brim, some good countryside music amplifying its way up to your mind. What a feeling it is..!! We all love road trips, don’t we? But nowadays, the simple road trip has got its spin-off trending – yeah you’re right, Overlanding trips are very much in trends today. Most of you must be aware of what an overlanding road trip is, but for the rest of you who are not so familiar with this new term, allow me to simplify this for you.


An overlanding trip is a trip where an individual, instead of traveling to get to a certain destination, the person’s kingpin of the trip is set on how he/she travels through the journey and enjoy it. Due to this trait of overlanding trip, which allows it to make a connection with your mind and soul, at the level of spirituality, it is a powerful influencer for self-discovery, self-reliance, and self-love.


  1. The Beginning.


Start of the journey is always gone unnoticed and overseen. The beginning is always overshadowed by the excitement of the destination and tiredness of packing. While we ponder so much to sort out the satisfying moments in our overlanding trip we shouldn’t ignore the “Start” of the journey. The evolution of an individual’s thought into a suggestion to the group, from a suggestion to a group discussion, then a group discussion changing into a successful and well-planned trip, which terminally evolves as a well-executed and so-much-happening overlanding trip is remarkable and should be celebrated. It should be considered as the first and foremost satisfying moment which has just happened at the start of an Overlanding Trip.


Overlanding Trip


  1. Good-old times.


Aristotle once preached that Human Being is a social animal. According to the Greek Philosopher, anyone who doesn’t socialize enough is either very much self-sufficient and independent that he doesn’t have common needs such as a common man. An anti-social being is either The Lord Himself or a Beast. So it is highly advisable to gather all your friends, near and dear ones, the people you care about for an adventurous and spiritual road trip. The joy of having everyone you love around you is nonetheless than satisfying. One of the most satisfying moments of your Overlanding Trip will be having all your loved ones around and for you to be in their company will be a spellbinding experience.


adventurous road trip


  1. Tintinnabulations gives you feels.


The sensation and jingles of your favorite music falling in your ears as the trees, ponds, and poles pass by and you see them from your car, the feeling is like a hallucination. Personally, I rate this moment as the third satisfying moment on this list of 7 satisfying moments of every road trip. Your mind might be full of things, professional worries, financial ones, relationship trauma, family problems, but as soon as you zone out with music hitting your mind with its melodious sensations all your worries are gone from your head for the time you travel with the tintinnabulations of your favorite song. That’s what self-reliance is, forgetting your worries and enjoying the moment with brisk happiness. Everybody deals with problems, it’s the way of looking at problems which differentiate the happy one from the worried ones.


favorite music falling


  1. Unexpected Marvel.


You’re traveling, all cozied up in an SUV, with your loved ones, the road on either side of your wheels is boring and suddenly you spot an unexpected sighting of something marvelously engaging and interesting. The sight may be of an unexpected pond or a lake which was never on the map in the first place. You might spot a beautiful cliff looking over a beautiful valley, you may want to excuse yourself for a picture or two. You might run into a herd of deer, grazing in the grasslands, your inner child would love to play with them and feed them. All these counts as Unexpected Marvels – which are not stated in traveling guides, maps or blogs, these are the places left to be discovered just by you. And this joy of seeing one unexpected marvel ranks as fourth in our list of satisfying moments of an overlanding trip.


unexpected sighting


  1. Answering Nature’s call.


This may sound like a ridiculous, absurd and ludicrous idea of satisfaction, but believe you me, if you’re packed up in an automobile for 2 hours and have an urgency to urinate since the last 2 hours, and finally when you get to lighten up yourself after an eternity, you will attain a different level of satisfaction. Also, if the washroom you use is clean, then it will be icing on the cake. That’s why answering nature’s call, when you haven’t answered for a long time, has bagged a place in the list of the most satisfying moment of an Overlanding Trip.


Answering Nature’s call


  1. Cooking in the countryside.


While you are overlanding, on a long trip, cravings aren’t easy to overcome. Of course, it is easy to satisfy your cravings at a roadside bistro or a small cafe cum motel, but the satisfaction of unloading a grill from your roof rack and barbecuing some authentic chicken or pork is at a different level of satisfaction. Also if you have a bigger automobile, big enough to carry a dirt bike, you can do some adventurous biking in the wilderness. Let alone biking, cooking yourself and doing it on an open fire is one of the most satisfactory experience one can have in an overlanding road trip.


Cooking in the countryside


  1. Reaching the destination.


I know overlanding is defined as enjoying the journey but how can a journey be completed without its starting and ending. When you reach the end point of your journey and you are unloading your luggage, from your car’s roof rack, the moment will be no less than an experience of satisfaction. When you are finally out of that metal trapezium and ready to stretch your legs and explore the place. In addition, for overlanding trips, the roof basket and roof racks are most suitable since they can carry a lot of extra weight and ease your trip.


This satisfaction can’t be described in words but can only be felt when you go out there by yourself and enjoy.


Reaching the destination


These were some of the many satisfying moments you will surely experience in while taking an overlanding trip with your loved ones. But to experience all the satisfactory moments that an overlanding trip holds, you need to go out there and make it happen. Those moments are not gonna come to you and happen by themselves. So get some air..!! Enjoy..!!