7 Superfoods You Can Eat to Improve Your Cognitive Abilities

7 Superfoods You Can Eat to Improve Your Cognitive Abilities

If you are wondering what your diet has to do with your brain, let us tell you the answer: everything!

Imagine yourself after a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Going for two helpings of Turkey, mashed potatoes and some dessert makes you want to take a nap. Your mind feels tired and ready to rest. In the same way, your body is tied to your brain, following every signal.

A gym routine and muscle building are not enough to be called healthy. There are countless people out there who are strong-looking, but their mind is under extreme stress. This stress has a direct relation with your hormones, which make you feel lazy, nauseated or even miserable. When you eat right, workout and take care of yourself, your brain sends positive signals to your body and saves you from stress-eating!

Today, we are going to list some of the most tried and tested superfoods which can improve your cognitive abilities. It is estimated that 5-20 percent people over the age of 65 may have a mild cognitive impairment. You should not only get a proper brain test for dementia but also fight to maintain a healthy body and mind.  In ancient times, our ancestors relied on these superfoods to maintain their health and vitality.

  1. Almonds:

Who doesn’t like crunchy almonds? If you aren’t a fan of these nuts, it is time you rethink your diet choices. Almonds, amongst other nuts, are an exceptional source of Vitamin E. These nuts protect your brain from damage that happens while aging and improve your memory. Almonds also contain riboflavin and L-carnitine that boosts mental cell activity.

If you are not fond of Almonds, you can try having a few roasted almonds. Roasted almonds taste great, and chopped roasted almonds can be sprinkled as toppings over desserts, drinks, and salad for an extra crunchy twist!

  1. Turmeric:

Media and diet blogs recently picked up the Turmeric hype, and the buzz grew manifolds in the few months. Turmeric has been used by ancestors for therapeutic purposes since time immemorial. This rich colored spice helps in boosting memory and producing new brain cells.

People of the sub-continent have an edge over others because Turmeric has been a major ingredient in almost all curries. It loads up any dish with flavor and improves your cognitive abilities.

Turmeric is loaded with the antioxidant curcumin, which is proven to reduce brain inflammation and soothe the nerve cells. Moreover, curcumin also inhibits the storage of harmful beta amyloids that affect Alzheimer’s patients.

  1. Blueberries:

Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants, fiber and Vitamin C. the fiber in blueberries soothes the bowel and normalizes bowel movements. They also control cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels in your body. Antioxidants are an amazing way to guard your body against different types of cancer, breathing disorders, arthritis, and age-related mental disorders.

If you have not tried blueberries before, you can try them in various dishes to get used to the flavor. Simply add them to a smoothie and drink them or sprinkle frozen blueberries on fruit salads. You can preserve more blueberries by keeping one bag in your freezer. Pop a few of these berries every day, and your body will thank you for this amazing antioxidant upgrade.

  1. Broccoli:

So, your parents were always right! Eating your broccoli is very good for your body. The vegetable contains vitamins K and C, Calcium, Fiber, and Folic Acid. Vitamin K guards your blood vessels and prevents clot formation. Vitamin C fights cancerous cells. Folic acid is a recommended source of strength regularly advised to pregnant and nursing mothers, while the calcium in Broccoli will help you build bone strength and fiber keeps bowel movements regular.

One cup of Broccoli a day is decent enough to meet your health requirements. As opposed to the childhood dislike of Broccoli, you will find the vegetable tasty when sautéed or steam-roasted. You can also consume it with a low-fat dip sauce or some hummus.

  1. Walnuts:

Walnuts are the nuts with the highest number of antioxidants. They also contain Vitamin E. walnuts are rich in omega three oils and plant serums. They also contain a high ratio of polyunsaturated and saturated fats. The antioxidants are great to fight with cancer, while the vitamin E works for heart health. The various oils in Walnuts lower cholesterol levels and improve memory.

Walnuts can guard you against hazards like diabetes and depression. If you don’t like chewing on raw walnuts, crush them in a chopper and sprinkle over salads, yogurt and fruit salads. Chefs also use walnuts as pasta and pizza toppings. All of this healthy goodness will be absorbed by your body if you have eight walnuts every other day.

  1. Flaxseed:

Also known as Linseed, Flaxseed is a great source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and antioxidants. You can also call it brain food because this humble little superfood is an only non-animal source of Omega-3. It fights cancer and is the easiest to digest for your body. You can sprinkle ground flaxseeds on drinks or on your morning cereal to avail the benefits.

Have two teaspoons of flaxseed every day to benefit from this little powerhouse. Have it raw or grind to increase the goodness.

  1. Dark chocolate:

This is true. Chocolate helps in maintaining a healthy brain. Dark chocolate is known for lifting the mood and improving brain activity. Chocolate is everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, but when you add dark chocolate to the mix, your body benefits from the nutrients. Dark chocolate contains flavanols that improve cognitive function and brain’s memory storing cells. The cocoa help stimulate caffeine and theobromine which are very good for the brain’s short-term memory.

Keep in mind that the darker your chocolate, the better it is for the brain. When you go out to buy a bar, look for dark chocolate.

Some other nutritious brain foods include coffee, tea, whole grains, egg, bananas, chickpeas, avocado, and almonds. The old saying is true: you are what you eat. Make sure you put these brain foods in your diet and save your body from age-related mental disorders. If your loved one is undergoing memory issues, get a dementia test as soon as possible to undertake the next course of action.

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