7 Yoga Moves for People Who Sit At a Desk All Day

7 Yoga Moves for People Who Sit At a Desk All Day

No one wants to stay unhealthy. But, activities such as sitting for hours at office desks have become a part of life these days. You know that it’s harming your health, but feel unable to do anything about it.


Of course, you can’t stop working! But you can do other things to undo the damage of sitting all day. There are certain moves that make Yoga for Anywhere. This article has 7 of such moves to help you save your body from potential damages by sitting at a desk all day.


  1. Spinal twist


You sit and work all day long without moving your body as much as you should. Your work doesn’t allow you to even stand up for a while and take a break. Don’t worry! You can do this move in a sitting position.


Simply hold your chair and turn your upper body to the left side without moving your legs at all. Do the same in the right-hand direction. Do this 5 times on each side, and then, you can go back to your work.


  1. Cow and cat pose


Have you ever noticed the posture of a cow and a cat?! A cat keeps its head up, while a cow keeps the head down. You have to follow both the postures in a sequence.


When you reach home after work, take a cow’s posture on a mat. Then, stretch your back and look up like a cat. Do this for a few minutes to remove the stiffness from your neck and back.


  1. Salute the sun


This is a fundamental move in all kinds of Yoga PracticesYou can do this at home every morning before leaving for work. Or, do it in the evening after you reach home.


The pose requires you to lay on a flat surface from your stomach. Then, put your both palms on the ground close to your waist. Use your hand to lift your upper body upward, creating an arc shape.


  1. A backward wheel


You have to bend your body backward to create a backward wheel with your body. This can seem difficult for many people. To make it easier, you can lay on a flat surface, looking at the ceiling. Then, place your hands behind your head, so that, your elbows point towards the ceiling. Then, fold your legs and lift your back to make a wheel shape.


  1. Downward triangle


This pose is simple. You know that a triangle has 3 corners. Now, use your legs, hands, and hips as those three points. Make a downward triangle shape, keeping your back straight.


  1. Tree pose


You have to stand straight and balance your body on one leg. Do this with each leg one after another.


Yoga Tree Pose


  1. Legs on the wall


Using the support of a wall, rest your body upside down. Your upper back touches the ground and you can stretch your back this way.


You can do a few yoga poses at your desk, while others at home.


Stay healthy and fit!