8 Tips to Plan the Wedding Menu

8 Tips to Plan the Wedding Menu

How we wish that planning the wedding menu is as easy as binge eating all those “appetizing dishes”. But unfortunately, it isn’t. Planning for wedding cards, planning for the venue and finally planning for wedding menu, everything can be sorted with few tips from pros. Here we have discussed a few tips that will help you in planning your wedding menu. So what are we waiting for, let’s get started:

  1. Choosing the cuisine for the menu

Remember how you first decided the theme or design for your Indian wedding cards. Then you proceed with selecting the best of the lot with the right colours. Similarly while deciding on the wedding menu, you should start with the choosing the cuisine. You can stick with Indian cuisine which basically includes north Indian cuisine, south Indian cuisine etc. Or if you want to add, you can go with Chinese cuisine or Italian cuisine which is loved as appetizers at Indian weddings. Mexican, Thai, intercontinental, there are many options to go for while deciding the menu for Indian weddings. Also, you have to decide whether you want to stick with vegetarian or want to add something from non-vegetarian platter too. This also helps in choosing the cuisine. You can stick with one or can include the “bests” of them.

  1. The guest list

Guest list forms the “commencing step” of every wedding planning. Whether it is for placing the order for wedding cards or for booking of venue, guest lists are important. Before determining the number of people you are going to invite, how can you place an order. The number of dishes, the budget everything is decided in accordance with the number of people you are inviting to attend the wedding. So before contacting vendors for wedding planning, it’s essential to have a guest list prepared.

  1. Deciding the budget in prior

This is probably the rhetorical tip but the irony is many people fail to incorporate that. Wedding planning begins with deciding upon the budget. Whether it’s for your Indian wedding cards or for your venue, for your dress even for your bridal shoes, everything needs a set budget. No wonder, wedding menu, one of the substantial part of a wedding requires a budget planning in prior. You should have a clear idea of how much you are willing to spend on catering thing at your wedding. This includes everything, the cost of food, the payment to caterers, etc.

  1. Add season special in your menu

While deciding the wedding cards, you keep up with the trends, what is trending becomes the new favourite at every Indian wedding. So while deciding the menu, why not include what’s trending as per the season. This is one important determinant in deciding the kind of dishes you want to include in your menu at the wedding. For instance, little corners or “chaai” or stalls of “baajre ki khichdi” or corners of “sarso da saag with makke di roti” for winter weddings are alluring options. In summer weddings, you can’t offer “hot milk” to the guest; instead, you can make some good options in ice creams. Seasons also play an important role in deciding upon fruits and vegetables to be used in dishes. This way you can ensure you can include the seasonal favourites in your weddings for guests to relish over.

  1. Decide the menu as per the taste of guest as well

We know how you want your wedding to be the perfect portrayal of all your favourites. From the design of your Indian wedding cards to the tailored theme for the wedding, from attires to wedding menu, how you are particular about your “picks”. But it is important to consider the taste of the guest too. If you’re inviting your family or friends who are born and brought up in a foreign land, have something included in your menu they can relish too. You can include some regional dishes to add more variety to the menu. Food forms the one thing that people tend to remember the most. If you include something their taste buds love, they tend to remember your wedding as well.

  1. Be very considerate about starters

Starters are something that your guests will eat upon primarily at your wedding. They mark the first impression of your wedding menu. Hence, they should be chosen very carefully. You don’t have to go all overboard in when it comes to a number of starters you can have. Be sure to stick with a few but all of them should be nothing less pure gourmet. Moreover, you have to be very particular when it comes to dishes you are keeping as starters. Make sure they are light on the stomach and loved by the guest as well. You don’t want your guest to be all full with “just starters”.

  1. Choose the main course wisely

The main course ends up to be the most vital of entire wedding menu. The only pro tip is to be considerate about good taste as well as the number of dishes. You can have a variety of it for your main course. Let your guest relish over the lip-smacking dishes included in the main course.

  1. Every menu felt incomplete with desserts

Indian sweets form the little gifts send with Indian wedding cards. So including them in the wedding menu is “QUINTESSENTIAL”. In fact, desserts in Indian weddings add up to the “most looked forwarded” of the entire menu. You can include cakes, puddings or brownies as your desserts. But also include something Indian without any second thoughts. Be it winter, summer, or monsoon weddings, some sweets form the staple of every Indian wedding. You can add something seasonal too like “Gaajar ka halwa” during winter wedding. Ice cream forms another important inclusion of Indian wedding menu. You can be all playful in this section but include some basic flavours as well.

So, with all these points, you are all set to plan a “sumptuous menu” for your wedding. The last but definitely not the least pro tip is to hog over everything at your own wedding as well. It’s your wedding and you have to enjoy it as well and what’s a better way to enjoy the “pure love” with the love of your life.

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