9 Most Commonly Asked Anti-Aging Question and Their Answers

9 Most Commonly Asked Anti-Aging Question and Their Answers

Anti-ageing is such a concept that is tailed with a great number of questions, myths and other things that have no relevance to the actual effects.


Today in this article we are here to clear all of your doubts about the concept of Aging and Anti-Aging products. So, without further ado, let’s just jump right into it.


  1. What are the causes behind the pre-mature skin ageing effects?


Answer: There are a lot of things that can be the cause of premature ageing and their visible effects. For starters, our hectic lifestyle and lack towards the focus on our diet and nutritional intake can be a major cause. Also, factors like UV radiation, Nicotine and Excessive alcohol intake are also a common cause of early stage ageing effects


  1. How soon will an Anti-aging product show its effects?


Answer: The thing is, the results of Anti-aging products depends on the uniformity of its usage and the type of skin. Also, age is a great factor that affects the time period an anti-ageing product takes to show its results. As for a common survey, most of the creams are known to show effective benefits by the end of the fourth week on regular usage.


  1. How to get rid of Fine lines and wrinkles?


Answer: Wrinkles and Fine lines are two of the most common issues that most of us have to face even when we are young. So, for all those who are suffering from the same issue and wants to get rid of it, they can use moisturizers and rich-extract anti-ageing products such as ZOOTOX stem cell filler.


  1. Is Stress one of the causes of Skin ageing?


Answer: When we experience a sense of stress, our body releases hormones. These hormones require a great number of components to build up and as there is a great amount of stress surrounding us, these hormones are produced more actively and regularly which causes the boost of skin ageing.


  1. Are vitamins Important for our Skin?


Answer: As we all know, Vitamins are an important component that helps us to maintain nutritional intake. Thus, in the same manner, regardless of how low the amount of effect there is, but, vitamins play quite a role in keeping our skin fresh and young. Vitamin E, B5 and several other vitamins are commonly used in the anti-ageing products because of their sheer goodness for facial skin.


  1. Do I need to massage my Anti-aging cream?


Answer: Anti-aging creams work just fine in both the cases which are whether you massage it on your face or not. So, if you want to relax a bit, then massage strokes can be great otherwise, you can simply just apply the cream for the best results.


  1. What is the perfect age to start using anti-ageing products?


Answer: With all the rush and carelessness in the diet, ageing effects show quite early nowadays. So, the most common age to start using an anti-ageing product is between 25 to 30 years


  1. What are the signs of Aging?


Answer: The signs of ageing are quite easy to find as they contribute a lot to the face. You can easily recognize that you are facing ageing effects if you see one of the factors such as Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, forehead lines, baggy eyes etc.


  1. At what age should I start using Eye-creams?


Answer: In this era of technology, sleepless nights and overwork are common aspects and so are the baggy eyes and dark spots. This is why it is advised to start using anti-ageing creams and anti-ageing lotions in the early stages of these blemishes.