Air Conditioning: The Necessity of Modern Life

Air Conditioning: The Necessity of Modern Life

With the rising levels of pollution these days, the environmental condition is depleting day by day. The protective ozone layer is also getting harmed on a continuous basis. Due to all this, the amount of heat the Sun radiates is increasing and the summers are getting hotter than before. Technological advancements are being made across the globe, and developers are constantly developing innovative gadgets and instruments. One of the inventions that have made lives of humans extremely comfortable and convenient is air conditioning. Let’s talk about these wonderful machines.


What Air Conditioning is?

Air conditioners emerged in the early 19th century, but at that time, they were owned by rich, luxury lovers only. But in all these years, they have become a common thing in every household. These machines work by extracting moisture from the air, freezing it and then giving out cool air. As a result, they make the environment cool and comfortable. They reduce the heat and freshen up the interior of the space where they are installed. No homes, offices, workstations, malls, movie theatres, storehouses, etc. are complete without air conditioning. Big amplifiers, internet servers and other heat producing machines are installed in air-conditioned rooms for maintaining certain temperate.


Types of Air Conditioners

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Air conditioning is a mechanical process that is used to cool down and dehumidify the atmosphere inside a place. The unit uses a rotary fan that sucks the air inside the machine and then passes it through brass pipes after compressing the air. After all the cooling processes, it blows the air out in the room with the help of blowers. Air conditioners come in two different basic types, window AC and split AC. The one that you choose depends on the need of the user and the place where it needs to be installed. A window AC is installed on a window, but if the room doesn’t have a window, then spilt AC can be installed. Let’s talk about both types of air conditioners in detail.


  • Window mount Air Conditioners: These air conditioning units are installed on the window of a place or building. This air conditioner is a complete unit which includes the fan, compressors, cooling coil, brass pipes, air coolant and blowers. It is one complete package and is very heavy in weight. These window type ACs are generally installed in apartment buildings and offices as they are cheaper than other variants. Because the working unit is also assembled inside it, the air conditioner makes a sound. Each type of AC comes with temperature meter which can be adjusted according to the need of the user.


  • Split System Air Conditioners: Like the name suggests, the system in this type of air conditioner is split. This means that the cooling unit is one part of the machine and the blowing unit is another part of the machine. This split system is generally installed in places which requires a noise-less environment. Since the compressor installed outside, it doesn’t make or makes very less noise as compared to the window type air conditioners. The main functioning unit with compressor, cooling coil and fan which makes noise is installed outside. The inside and outside units are connected with pipes and sealed at both ends so that they do not lose any kind of gas. Split system AC is ductless, noise-free and a bit costlier than window type AC.


Air conditioners come in various sizes and capacities, and the one that you choose depends upon the size of the room where it needs to be installed. The capacity is measured in tons i.e. 1ton, 1.5ton, 2ton, 2.5ton, etc. Huge AC plants are installed on big malls and supermarkets to facilitate the place with cool air and a comfortable environment.



Nowadays air conditioning is a necessity in every home, office or workplace. Choose the right type of air conditioner as per your needs and create a cool and comfortable environment inside.