American Echoes – Do You Know These Facts About the Californian State Flag?

American Echoes – Do You Know These Facts About the Californian State Flag?

In the United States, California is the third most populous state. Located in the Pacific region of the USA, in the year 1850, September 9, it attained statehood and became the 31st state that joined the union. Including Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada, it has three bordering states. It also goes by with the nickname Golden State, which has 58 countries. Sacramento is the State’s capital, and it is popular for beaches and of course, the world-famous Disneyland. However, are you aware of the history of the State flag of California? What do you actually know about the State flag of California?

So many homeowners across the United States have handcrafted wooden wall art frames of the California state flag, but really do you know some of its facts? Nowadays, you will come across so many clothing brands that feature the Californian flag, or the design that has a red star and a brown bear, but maybe you don’t know the bear actually has a name!

Here are some of the interesting facts about the California State flag that you should know!

A Mexican Rebellion Designed the Flag

Based on history, in the year 1846, on June 14, when California was still a part of Mexico, there was an uprising against Mexican rule. A small band of Mexican settlers marched garrison at Sonoma, and they took the commandment prisoner. At the time of the first revolt, the rebels were able to seize Monterey south of San Francisco and proclaimed California to be a free and independent state. This went on for a month with no success for California to secure independence. This gave rise to the “Bear Flag Revolt,” (after the designed flag that depicted a grizzly bear along with five-pointed stars over a red bar, with the words “California Republic.”

The grizzly bear was actually a symbol for strength, while the star was for reference to the Texas Lone Star. The flag went up only until 9 July of 1846, when the United States and Mexico learned they were at war already.

What the Symbols Represent

When you invest in a Californian State Flag, such as one from American Echoes, the reclaimed wood wall art often features the common grizzly bear (the official animal of the state), which portrays strength, sovereignty represented by the star, and the red color to signify courage. Whereas white for purity.

Monarch is the Bear’s Name

During the Mexican revolt, it was California’s idea to put an emblem on their flag, which would scare off the Mexican authorities and show the people were serious. That emblem was a bear. The fact remains that grizzly bears were quite common in California. Nevertheless, they aren’t so famous now. Actually, the brown colored grizzly bear is extinct to California. For just a month, the flags flew, and when the setters learned that the U.S declared war with Mexico, they had to swap the bear flag for the stripes and stars. However, the fascination of Californians with the grizzly bears went on.

Back in 1889, a newspaper entrepreneur decided to come up with the bear back under the spotlight once again. He was William Randolph Hearst. He then put the bear on display in the Golden Gate Park, naming him Monarch.

That’s where the name of the bear came from. The sad news is, Monarch died in the year 1911, and the Museum in Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology took his skeleton. That year, California adopted a state flag, with a grizzly bear modeled after the Monarch.

The Bear Flag is the Other Name for the Californian Flag

The grizzly bear flag was the original one designed and named in the anticipation of the Mexican oppressive rule ending to make California a sovereign state. In the year, the bear flag soared high for the very first time by the men who were famous as the flaggers. They got the “bear flaggers” title for their role during the revolt in Sonoma. The flag flew for over a month before the national stars and flag with stripes replaced it. It wasn’t until the year 1911, the bear design then became a part of the Californian State flag.

The flag is also a symbol of freedom, and so many homes flaunt the best-designed ones in their home. A popular trend in American homes is to go for handcrafted wooden wall art, which keeps the interior of homes appearing great and shows a glimpse of their patriotism to visitors who visit their home. Now, when you put up a Californian State flag in your home, you will be able to tell some of your visitors about the facts!