Australia vs. New Zealand: What Is the Best Place to Live?

Australia vs. New Zealand: What Is the Best Place to Live?

We see you there, deciding between the “fantastic” Australia and the “captivating” New Zealand. And we realize 2 fascinating countries where English is spoken, both in the Southern Hemisphere, both perfect for backpacking, working on vacation, and studying abroad. So, which one will you choose? To help you choose, we compare some of your main points of interest.


Although Australian and New Zealand English are often considered “the same”, you will quickly learn to distinguish the two. New Zealanders pronounce their vowels slightly differently, “bed” may sound like “bid” and “six” as “sux” while Australians have a pronounced nasal pronunciation.

Of course, there are immense local slang characteristics. Some Aussie / Kiwi classics include bushwalking / tramping (hiking); thongs/jandals (flip flops); and Esky / chilly bin (cooler). Want more? In New Zealand you’ll hear bro / cuz (friend), chur (thanks, like “bro bro!), Hard bro! (to express agreement with a friend) and sweet as! (cool, awesome). If Australia is your destination, we have to tell you: Australians love to shorten words. He begins practicing with cuppa (cup of tea), choccy (chocolat), biccy (cookie), brekkie (breakfast), grandfather, prezzie, Chrissy, Chrissy prezzie more.


The biggest difference between traveling in Australia and New Zealand is the size. Australia is famous for its large size with giant (and sometimes deserted) distances between city capitals. Perth is more than 3,600 km from Brisbane, which is further away than Moscow from Moscow. On the other hand, in New Zealand, it is quite possible to drive to a different city or climate in just a few hours. In both countries, large cities (such as Auckland in New Zealand) offer exceptional public transport. As a bonus, visitors from Australia and New Zealand can use their driving licenses for the same class of cars, just do not forget to drive on the left side.


Visitors from Australia and New Zealand will be quickly introduced to their respective national yeast extracts (yes, that’s something). Vegemite and Marmite are almost impossible to explain to beginners, but their love lies in the genes of the Aussie and Kiwi. Love these pastes and you will be loved by locals. (Quick tip: Vegemite and Marmite are not sweet or even chocolate, despite their dark color and texture. Just pour a little on your toast with butter and you’ll be eating like locals).

Leaving the breakfast salty folders, other foods of Australian and Kiwi worthwhile love are …
Allen lollies (Sherbies, Fantales and Minties) and Lumps Pineaple (pieces of dried pineapple covered with New Zealand chocolate)
The Caramello Koalas (delicious koala-shaped chocolates with a gooey caramel belly) and Perky Nanas (New Zealand chocolate bars stuffed with dehydrated banana).
Kangaroo and emu (Australia is the only country that eats its two domestic animals) and Maori hngi (a method of cooking meat in an underground cave).

Sports and nightlife

As far as sport is concerned, the main rivalry between the two countries is in the Rugby Union, when kiwis cheer for the All Blacks and the Aussies for the Wallabies. Wear the colors of your country: black by New Zealand and green and gold by Australia. In the stadium, make a hiss for Kiwi Haka or enthusiastically shout “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Hi, Hi, Hi!” By Australia

Travelers often point out that New Zealand has less variety of nightlife – this is explained by being smaller and having less populous cities. What is clear is that Melbourne and Sydney definitely give in the view at night with nightclubs, pubs, bars and performances. While in Auckland, you can do cannyoning at night, see the lights in the Sky Tower or stroll through the night markets.



With an impressive list of the world’s most venomous animals, visitors to Australia may fall into the trap of thinking that their wildlife is in full view. But do not worry, encounters with sharks, snakes, jellyfish, and dish-sized spiders are not things that happen on a day-to-day basis. In addition to these somewhat scary animals, iconic and lesser known animals from Australia are a parade of attractions – think of kangaroos, vombates, bilbies, quokkas, platypus, and echidnas. Across the Tasman Sea, New Zealand’s wildlife is definitely less weird. The only native mammals in the country are bats and marine mammals, yet they have a remarkable diversity of native birds, such as the tui, New Zealand zebra kite or kea, the yellow-eyed penguin, and the kiwi bird of rainforest.

Climate and outdoor spaces

New Zealand’s climate is cooler, cooler and wetter – which can be either positive or negative depending on your preferences. Of course, if you are expecting a hot climate, Australia is definitely your choice, although be warned that the summer months bring in intense heat waves and humidity.

Both countries offer extensive landscapes: New Zealand has its giant mountains, glaciers, lakes and forests, while Australia boasts incredibly beautiful beaches, long stretches of sand, coral reefs, tropical beaches, red deserts and small shrubs. New Zealand earns a bonus point for its proximity to the Pacific Islands – an extra for a future trip.

No wonder Australia and New Zealand are so well ranked among travelers and foreign students. If you have any plan to visit anyone then don’t forget to do flight comparison prior traveling. Have fun in the process of choosing and have an amazing stay!

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