How Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Is Improving the Survival Rate

How Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Is Improving the Survival Rate

In the busy life schedule of today’s world, people are unable to pay attention to their personal health due to which various health issues are faced by them.

Evolution in medical science and technology has played an important role to create awareness among people that how they can keep advanced medical devices as an alternative measure at their homes.

Among all health problems, heart issues are commonly faced by people. Heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrest is the condition that is experienced by cardiac patients and it is the most lethal condition because it can take patient’s life in its first occurrence.

It is essential that people should make efforts on their own in order to make the best utilization of available resources in their homes and in different workplaces. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the best life-saving device that is used when a patient experience sudden cardiac arrest.

The operations of this device are unique from other medical devices because it doesn’t take much time to operate. It is now used on a large scale in almost every part of the world. AED in Singapore has enhanced the survival rate and made a positive contribution to the life of cardiac patients.

This article is going to explain that how AED is improving the survival rate and how its functions help people to use it in several places. Cardiac patients cannot have the services of medical professionals every time, therefore, the significance of AED increases more.

To save a life of the cardiac patient, First AID training services are necessary to acquire because it gives the idea that how it should be used what is the appropriate timing to use it.

Training is essential to use AED because its functionality is unique from other medical devices that is why it is important to understand.

AED Singapore is playing an important role to resolve health issues of cardiac patients there and to improve their knowledge about the utilization of modern medical appliances.

Significance in various workplaces:

Health issues related to heart are very common among people and every third or fourth person is a heart patient. Presence of AED in workplaces like colleges, banks, and gyms allows employees to provide treatment to each other in emergency situations.

It is not suitable to use services of the emergency department when a patient experience sudden cardiac arrest because ambulance takes too much time to arrive and time is critical when a patient experience sudden cardiac arrest. So AED is the perfect device to use in emergency situations and that is how it is improving the survival rate.

It is important that higher authorities of different organizations should implement the utilization of AED in order to deal with the situations like cardiac arrest. Employees should also get necessary training so that they can utilize it when it is required.

Time-Efficient Device:

AED saves a lot of time in treatment procedure because the treatment that is provided by the usual method can take a lot of time. The unique working operations of AED makes it a time-efficient device.

The first heart rate of a patient is analyzed through AED and if it is not normal then an electric shock is delivered to a person to make heart rate normal. A sudden cardiac arrest takes only 2 to 4 minutes to take a life of the victim. So that is why in emergency situations this device plays an integral role to prevent cardiac arrest in less time.

AED is a portable device that is why they are easy to carry anywhere and those people can also use it who are not medical experts with a basic understanding of its utilization.

Due to time-saving capability, AED can be used in the emergency response programs to provide assistance to patients on urgent basis. Health organization is also responsible to make people understand the value of this device that how it can be a major difference between life and death.


AED has increased the survival rate of cardiac patients in different parts of the world which shows its worth in the life of people and medical industry. People’s responsibility is to make effective utilization of this device in order to ensure the safety of their and others as well.

Author Bio:

Loria Williams is a medical professional who is working for years to provide assistance and training to the cardiac patients that how they can deal with their health issues through advanced medical devices like AED (automated external defibrillator). Patients are making efficient use of her experience to learn that how they can save their lives in emergency situations and they are advised by her that to save a life of a cardiac patient, first AID training services are essential to avail.

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