Barrisol Lighting the Ultimate Solution to Your Interior Decoration

Barrisol Lighting the Ultimate Solution to Your Interior Decoration

Are you thinking to stand in front of the queue and beat your competitors providing a soothing eye atmosphere inside your store or restaurant and the pub? Do you own a hall where any event or party can be arranged, or you want to give your office a top notch look with the interior décor and the lighting system? Then now you can use the barrisol to turn your imaginations to reality. But before going for a change you need to know what they and the benefits are of using them. Barrisol lighting system can reduce the heat and keep your rooms cool. Apart from that, they can make your rooms attractive and you can also use them to decorate your outdoor.

An Idea of Barrisol

They are translucent sheets through which light can pass in a diffused manner, but no objects behind them can be seen.  One can use them as a false ceiling, over the walls or as can give any geometric shape to create a partition. Small parts can be covered with them without any framework and you can easily install them behind the framework.  The look of the place changes entirely with using barrisol, and one can play with the lighting systems behind them. The electrical wirings and other utility lines can be easily hidden behind them. They are mostly used for false ceiling and people can decorate their rooms with these lighting systems.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Barrisol Lighting System?

There are multiple benefits of using this type of materials. You can give your place a wholly changed look using them.

  • One can choose from more than 100 colors of barrisol lighting, and they are available in different shapes and colors. The light passing through these colored sheets enhances the ambiance of the place and you can create an ambiance inside the room according to your mood. Even you can also change the luminous capacity of these lighting systems and you can use the same lights as your normal lighting system and dim lights.
  • One can get them in matte, lacquer, satin, brushed perforated and any other finish and use them according to the need of the light effect and the design.

Barrisol Lighting System

  • One of the significant advantages of barrisol material is that they do not peel off or crack even in when used in harsh places.
  • They are moisture resistant and do not allow air to pass through them if not the perforated ones are used and are extremely suitable to use in humid environments.
  • With the installation of barrisol one can resist the growth of mold and bacteria as they do not allow water to stay on them.
  • If you want thermal insulation of your place yet want to give the area a clean look with installations of many shaped structures through which light can pass, then using these materials are perfect.
  • The materials made by barrisol can be easily fixed, and it takes minimum time to finish a particular job with it as compared to other alternative methods. One can accommodate sprinklers, fire alarms, lighting fixtures or any ventilation equipment behind them.
  • They are almost maintenance free and the materials can be recycled or reused and can be reinstalled if needed. Even most of these lighting systems come with limited warranty and if you find any issue within their warranty period then you can replace them at free of cost.

If you are planning to give your prized place a beautiful look where light can flood the area without disclosing the source or some geometric shape is needed to be installed and illuminated with light from the backdrop, then it time to use barrisol.