Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

From the first known “great bath” in today’s Pakistan 5000 years ago to the modern day swimming pool, this luxurious addition to your home hasn’t lost in popularity.


The USA was one of the first countries at the beginning of the 20th century to have an above ground swimming pool, but swimming pools truly became mainstream after the WWII and the rise of Hollywood movies, where it was obvious that owning a swimming pool in your backyard was a sign of prestige and luxury.


Building a pool in the backyard quickly became a must for anybody who had the means and wanted to be able to have a vacation in their yard. And it has been the same ever since – today, many households around the world own a backyard pool. If you have been considering this idea, too, find out what benefits would you have from it.


1. Opportunity for various exercise


Having a pool means you are able to have a swim and some cardio whenever you feel like it. Swimming is a low-impact exercise with minimal risk of injury while it simultaneously improves your cardiovascular endurance. Whether you prefer breaststroke or freestyle crawl, your heart will feel the benefits.


Not just that – swimming can really improve your stamina and your muscle strength, even though it may seem easy. Swimming actually targets your whole body, including both primary and secondary muscles.


Lastly, you can try out aqua therapy in your own poll without having to visit the community pool. Aqua therapy involves weighted body wraps and water weights that help in case you have a muscle or bone condition.


2. A perfect staycation


Finally, summer is here and it is great time for giving your yard a summer makeover, and guess what – it’s great time for swimming and enjoying the sun.


People feel the need to go somewhere from time to time and spend a lot of money, but the truth is that, with your own swimming pool, you only have to take a few days off and relax in your backyard. Not only is this a cheaper alternative but it also saves you the time for planning a holiday and actually traveling there. Make yourself comfortable at your own backyard, enjoy the sun and pool games, get some tan and you will be refreshed like you have had a real holiday. Staycation will save your money and you will have more time to spend with your family, and no bag need to be packed.


3. Perfect party place


Nothing screams “party” like a swimming pool fun with good food, booze, water games and music. Whether you want to throw a party for your friends or you want it to be a family party with kids involved, you will have guaranteed fun. A swimming pool adds so much to the party that you don’t need to do a lot of preparations besides having some snacks and drinks. If you have a diving board, even better – you can organize a competition for the best or craziest jump – fun for everybody!


4. Added value to your home


If you ever decide to sell your house, a swimming pool may add some 5-15% to its value. Of course, the added value will partially depend on the materials you have used, the size and especially the safety you have provided. Regarding the safety, experts in Crystal Glass Build believe that the best combination of luxury and safety will be if you include a glass fence. It will prevent kids and pets from falling into the pool but also allow you to watch your kids playing while you enjoy in the pool. This is something that a potential buyer one day would highly appreciate, allowing you to up the price of your home.


Swimming Pool


5. Stress reliever


There aren’t many things as relaxing and calming as enjoying in the pool under the moonlight, gazing at the still water. Or moving through the water with your mind focused only on the next swing, feeling the water massaging your body. Spending time in a pool is a great way to decompress after a hectic day and relieve tension. You will feel mentally refreshed every time you leave the pool.


6. Teaching your kids to swim


Kids need a comfortable environment in order to relax and pluck up the courage to take a swim. Whether you want to teach your kids to swim on your own or you have a private instructor, the point is that your kids will learn faster and be more relaxed if they learn it in their own pool. And it’s not just about swimming – they will feel comfortable to dry diving and get accustomed to water.


All in all


Having a swimming pool is so much more than you have thought in the beginning, right? Its benefits exceed the obvious, so if you have the means and the space to build a pool in your backyard – go for it.


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