Benefits Of Orthokeratology Myopia Control

Benefits Of Orthokeratology Myopia Control

There is a new technology in the science of vision. This breakthrough invention lets you stay away from contact lenses and prescription glasses even if you have corrective power in your eyes. An orthokeratology myopia control is worn during sleep in the night. This shapes the vision and you can easily remove them in the morning and go to work for your day, without the hassle of contact lenses or spectacles!


What Are The Benefits Of Ortho-K? 


  1. These lenses are made with precise technology for mapping ensuring that they fit the eye of the wearer perfectly. Since they are patient-specific, there are probabilities of lack of comfort and maximum reliability.
  2. These lenses can correct errors in refraction over a period of 8 to 9 hours. Mainly, these lenses change the cornea and alter it to make our vision clearer without the added stress of wearing contact lenses or glasses.
  3. Its effects last as long as a full day. So, wearing the orthokeratology myopia control lens at night is the only obligation.
  4. This is an option without the perils of surgery. It is non-invasive, and thus people are showing interest in using it.
  5. Kids are relieved because of these Ortho-k lenses. Children with acute myopia cannot undergo eye surgery but can use these lenses. These lenses have shown signs of slowing down the progression of myopia.
  6. The current technology has helped it evolve into remedies for other conditions of vision impairment such as presbyopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
  7. Ortho-k lenses have shown signs of improving people’s vision in contrast to prescription glasses that have a stagnant approach.
  8. These lenses are a boon for people who find contact lenses and glasses uncomfortable. Especially in case of sports-persons who cannot wear prescription glasses on the field or risk the chance of their contact lenses popping out at crucial times.


What Other Diseases Can Be Treated With These Orthokeratology Myopia Control Lenses?


Ortho-k can treat Hyperopia and Presbyopia along with Myopia. Advances in the technology for vision care have helped doctors treat astigmatism, as well. Corneal topography is required to map the cornea for creating custom made orthokeratology myopia control lenses that fit your every purpose.


Why choose Ortho-k lenses over LASIK?


Ortho-k is more cost-effective than LASIK. You might require specialized fitting sessions over time. But be sure that the total process adds up to half of the money spent on LASIK. There might be options for insurance claim, as well. And, yes, you can have LASIK done afterwards. It is safe to say that you must discontinue the use of orthokeratology myopia control lenses for several weeks before the commencement of the process.


Orthokeratology Myopia Control Lenses


What Are The Preventive Methods Of Ortho-K And Follow-Ups Required After The Treatment?


Firstly, people who opt for ortho-k need to maintain impeccable hygiene. They should follow the directions given by optometrists diligently as any error can lead to corneal infection and in severe cases, possible loss of vision. You can keep these problems at bay if you follow the given instructions carefully.


Secondly, ortho-k lens fittings require lots of time. It is a precision-driven process, and any minor detail loss can lead to grave consequences. Bi-annual visits to the doctor is compulsory. This will ensure proper care of your eyes.


The variety of choices make orthokeratology myopia control lenses a preferable choice for patients with vision problems. They are easy to maintain and are extremely practical. Children can benefit the most from these lenses which makes their life easier. Orthokeratology lenses give maximum productivity without burning a huge hole in your pocket.