Benefits of Using Instagram Micro-Influencers for Boosting Your E-Commerce Business

Benefits of Using Instagram Micro-Influencers for Boosting Your E-Commerce Business

Instagram has today become an extremely popular and most frequented social media hub not only for individuals but also for brands. Today, Instagram enjoys over 800 million MAU and about 95 million visuals are posted daily on this amazing social media platform. We are aware that right from SMBs to MNCs all organizations are today leveraging the power and efficacy of Instagram as an essential marketing tool. Marketers are well aware of the necessity of brand promotion on Instagram. There are about 25 million profiles on Instagram for Business. Instagram has proved its worth as the best marketing platform for businesses such as those related to food, travel, and fashion of course.

This is an era of social media explosion. An individual need not have millions of followers to become influential. The factor that needs to be considered is engagement. That is the reason why Instagram is regarded as the main hub of all influencer discovery tools.

In this context, you must know that micro influencers are dominating the Instagram scene.  Individuals with 1,000 to 100,000 followers are called micro-influencers. Statistics have revealed that micro-influencers are having greater engagement rates as compared to the so-called Instagram celebrities. You may boost real Instagram followers by seeking professional assistance from reputed digital marketing companies.

Niche Targeting

An effective marketing tactic is promoting a brand using the various social networking sites but it is surely far more productive if your brand is promoted with your targeted audience. When you are employing the services of a micro-influencer, you would be getting an opportunity to showcase your products to a particular group of people i.e. your targeted audience. This would be helping you in gaining more engagements and ultimately a boost in your sales.

Affordable Marketing

If you are operating a small business, it is essential for you to be really budget-conscious and stick strictly to your tight budget. However, you would like to do the best for your brand. Hiring micro-influencers could be a good idea for growing your brand. Moreover, with micro-influencers, there is a scope for you to experiment with what works or does not work for your specific brand without getting unnecessarily worked up about expenses.


A Boost to Engagement Rates

Micro-influencers have an engagement rate that is significantly higher than that of Instagram celebs. A distinction must be made between follower count and engagement rate; accounts with a large number of followers do not necessarily enjoy great engagement rates. Micro-influencers have targeted followers who are extremely interested in engaging with them, which just makes their contributions that much more valuable.

Conclusion: Authenticity

Hiring a micro-influencer let you promote your product to a targeted audience who you know is interested in the domain of your product and also likely to trust the word of the influencer due to their expertise in the field. This builds your brand value and almost definitely means your conversion rates will be very high. People will relate to your brand and stay loyal to it if they like their experience. Since micro-influencers are more hands-on with their followers than celebrities, they tend to have a lasting impression on their minds and are viewed as genuine online personalities whose opinions can be trusted. This means the promotions they share are likely to get more clicks and hence, more conversions.

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Daniel Mattei is a digital marketer and blogger. He has a fascination for Instagram and has shared many posts about various aspects of Instagram marketing including ways to gain more real Instagram followers.