Tips To Choosing The Best Wading Boots for Fly Fishing

Tips To Choosing The Best Wading Boots for Fly Fishing

Fishing? That’s an old man’s hobby!


Or so you lot would like to think. I understand that at first glance, fishing isn’t exactly the type of sport that would challenge your inner tiger or tigress. It looks complacent and laid-back; something old men would want to do to pass the slow afternoons. It’s definitely not something that you would want to spend your youthful energy and vigor on.




My old man was the man who taught me how to fish – so I guess that kind of makes you right if you think that fishing is the elderly’s sport. However, when I was 10 (the age I developed an interest in the sport), my dad was just 36 years old and I don’t think that’s much older than many of you right now. He was taught by my granddad when he was about my age too. It’s kind of an “inherited tradition” sort of thing. The only difference was, we weren’t forced to like the sport. We just got drawn into it – sooner than we thought, if I might add. When I was just a little over a decade old, I used to look forward to summertime. Not because I didn’t have class or that I can sleep in late, it was because most of my summer was spent learning how to fish. To be specific, our family was into fly fishing. And I couldn’t have loved it better. Check out this cool video about fly fishing:


Like you, I had the same initial impression of the activity. Compared to soccer, basketball, football, and all those other rigorous team sports, fishing was far more lax and uneventful. People who fish for a hobby look like they could fall asleep at any moment during the activity. However, when I began doing it, my opinion started to change. I realized that fishing was more than what it seemed – and more than what I can handle at the time, by the way.


Fly Fishing and Bait Fishing Casting Techniques


First of all, casting techniques are a real challenge to learn. They’re something you slowly master overtime. You can’t read a book and expect to be an expert the next morning. You have to earn each technique with hard work and devotion.


The next thing you will realize as you train to fish is that different casting techniques are used in different occasions. Fly fishing, for example, is far different from spin or bait fishing. For one, the terrain is different. If you fly fish, you go to freshwater bodies like rivers. If you bait fish, you go to fishing reserves or bigger bodies of water like seas and oceans. Unlike bait fishing, fly fishing uses lightweight bait (which is usually an artificial fly or insect). This lures in the fish in rivers as fishes in these areas are accustomed to the “bug diet.” But because it is lightweight, the line becomes harder to cast. After all, there is little to no weight pulling it down. There is nothing to create the momentum. You only have the weight of the line, a specialized angler, and your refined technique to back up the rod you cast. Of course, this too, takes quite a while to learn.


If you’re so eager to start fly fishing however, making the right preparations may make matters easier for you. The first thing you need to occupy yourself with is buying the right equipment. Trust me; you do not want to venture into this whole thing with half-assed gear. I used to think that going into rivers wasn’t such a big deal since the water isn’t too deep, but I learned later on (and quite pathetically, by the way) that the water’s current is the real adversary in fly fishing. I went in barefoot and I came splashing down after just a few minutes.


This is why the very first thing you need, my friend, is wading boots.


Never forego these trusty pair of boots – for your safety and dignity’s sake.


To help you choose the perfect pair, I decided to list down my best tips today. Below, you will find all the qualities the best wading boots have. Well, read on!


  1. Comfortable Interior


When you go out to fish, don’t expect to return with a huge catch after just a couple of minutes. If there is one thing I’ve learned during training, it’s that you have to be extra patient. You know what they say, “good things come to those who wait.” And I couldn’t agree more. If you want to take this up as a sport, it’s important that you learn how to be patient. It’s important that you have a comfortable pair of boots too – just so you can last the hours! One time, I wore shoes that I felt weird in and I got terrible blisters right after. Choose wading boots with quality interior – the kind that gives conducive comfort. You’ll appreciate it for sure!    


  1. Dries Easily


You often do fly fishing in the water, not above it. This means that you have to get in there – boots and all. In order to make sure that you have a comfy trip back home, you should opt for fast-drying boots. Boots made of quality hydrophobic material dry quickly so choose those!


  1. Firm Grip


Remember my splashing story from earlier? Well, that can happen to you too. It can happen to anyone. Rocks, tree logs, and other debris are very slippery underwater. This is likely due to the algae that grow on them overtime. If you happen to step on one of these with slippery shoes on, then you’ll definitely crash butt-first into the water too. Choose a pair of wading boots that has a terrific grip. Safety first!

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