Boxing Head Guard – You Need the Best One for Ultimate Protection

Boxing Head Guard – You Need the Best One for Ultimate Protection

The next time you are in the ring and up for a fight, make sure to do your bit of research well. Wearing the sports gear minus the boxing head guard won’t help. It is really important that you get hands on the best head guards if you don’t want to end up in a hospital with internal brain damage or nerve damages. Always be sure to know more about the available options and why you need it before you can finally get to the right deals. The more you research, the better options will come along your way.


Importance of Boxing Head Gear:


Just like American cycling or football, the reason you need to wear a boxing head guard is quite obvious. The main aim is to protect the face and cranium right against the weighted blows. Whether you are an amateur or have gained the notion of being a pro, the helmet is widely used for all the ages. Face blows, mainly in boxing are so bad that it won’t take much time to land you in hospitals. Right from head trauma to fractures and even brain damage, you can be a victim of all. The helmet is designed to protect your face but won’t protect against bruises.


Going For Some of The Versions:


Before any point in this regard, it is really important that you come to learn more about the available options under boxing head guard and then make a move. Once you start working on that, things will start to work right in your favor. Some of the best options in this regard will work out well for you and in big time.


Avantgarde Head Guard:


Known as the world-famous example of the boxing head guard of all time, this item is molded well with the Bay flex material. It is noted to be the safest head guard that you can possibly find in the market. It is also noted to be virtually indestructible. The correct fit comes anatomically for securing head guard for protecting the head from any slipping.


  • The shaped padding on the forehead is designed to help protect against any of the external injuries. It comes handy with an ergonomic fit, which is associated and integrated with the chin and even back of the head strapping.


  • The product happens to be quite light in weight because of the Bay flex material. It helps in preventing sweat absorption and even allow for some easy cleaning.


  • The item is vented for the maximum air circulation and will not impair any form of vision or hearing. This head guard is produced just as one piece with full injected mold and not in parts.


Black Competition Fight Head Guard:


This boxing head guard earned the name to be the official head guard of the Olympics Games in Barcelona in the year 1992. There are practically two major full injected molds over here. One is the competition model and another one happens to be the Avant-garde models. These models are available in so many colors. The original one is thicker and the Avant-garde seems to be a lot lighter in weight and well updated in terms of designs.


  • There is another Avant-garde training model, which comes with extra cheekbone protection. Then you have the competition full protection one, which comes with extra cheekbone and even chin protection.


It is always a clever task to go through all the available options of boxing head guard and then head for the one you like the most. Going through the options will help you make the right decision.