Breaking Down Meditation, Only for You

Breaking Down Meditation, Only for You

Ever thought of altering your levels of consciousness? And, that too in a completely positive way without having any adverse effect on your mental health? The answer is “heck yeah!”  Don’t you worry, we won’t recommend the usage of psychoactive substances to do mind tricks on you but simply take you back to the age-old practice of MEDITATION.

So, what is it?

  1. It is the practice of techniques that can enhance your awareness and attention causing you to be more focused, perceptive, mindful and observant among many others.
  2. It is an exercise of the mind.
  3. Must not be confused with other spiritual exercises or other personal development activities.


It can be broadly classified into two halves which are as follows:

  1. CONCENTRATIVE MEDITATION – Here, one focuses on just one, singular point, body, object or entity while blackening out every other noise and distraction away. One can either do the breathing exercise or chant a phrase, word or mantra. Staring or focusing on candle flame can also suffice or listening to rhythmic music with proper wavelengths will also help you reach a trance like state. If you are very impulsive in nature, you can start off with practicing for few minutes (say, five to eight minutes) but with time you can aim for longer hours such as two to four hours. It will be very difficult at first to let go off your random thoughts, but then it gets better.

  1. MINDFULNESS MEDITATION It includes both MBSR and MBCT technique which makes you observe thoughts as they travel. In this form of practice, you are supposed to map out your thoughts and see how they wander and travel with them without getting involved. You will soon develop an inner balance making you more aware and conscious.


The top reasons to meditate are as follows:

  1. Makes you happy and contented with yourself, your life and surroundings. Since you have a better resolve on your thoughts, your mind does not go off to places or things with which you associate sadness, pain and suffering.

  1. You can get peaceful sleep. Many people around the world have faced certain amount of difficulty to get proper sleep, and this is mostly because of extreme amount of disconnect between the erratic thought processes in their minds. This can be avoided by calming our minds through meditation.

  1. Multiplies your level of concentration. Most people are unable to concentrate on a particular thing for long. This is because of their frenzied mind. But if they could bring their mind in control and concentrate on their work properly, they would realize that they save up almost 40% of their time. Thus, we need to meditate and make sure that our mind is under our control and that we can exert it to concentrate on things we want to.

Breaking Down Meditation

  1. It enhances our creativity. Meditation has the power to enhance and improve the creativity of an individual and it is also helpful I eliminate creative block or writer’s block.

  1. It controls and reduces anger. Meditation is a powerful medium to control anger and very helpful for those who can’t control their temperature and they get into ugly fights even for small reasons.

  1. It Helps in controlling and preventing depression and anxiety which are common problems I recent age and young adult and children all suffer from these invisible yet harmful mental conditions.

There are many more benefits of meditating. But it is better if you find them out yourself by trying it out. So, what’s holding you back? Go ahead and meditate.