Children’s Life and the Ideal Way

Children’s Life and the Ideal Way

Children are very sensitive and have a great impact on life due to family issues. Some attribute must be given to the children by the parent for their betterment and noble life. Similarly, we must inculcate a religious spirit in our children when they are quite young. Religion must be fed along with the first step. We cannot just leave a child to learn from his personal experience as it may turn his life more miserable. Similarly, we cannot make them understand religion on their own by practice as seldom they might get motivated by evil ideas and reflect the complete information as one.

A child seldom rejects food. It has to be persuaded or compelled to take it. In this way, a child should be prepared even when there is no important innate desire towards it. To have a proper perception of something a teenager should be filled with some basic information regarding the caption on the first scene.

Our children learn from us and obviously, it is not easy to maintain that thing even in tough time. Our child is our children stern judges too, If we fail them, they will curse and detest us when it would be too late to anything about it. Alongside our requirement prepare them refinement and good manners-those small acts of self-sacrifice meant to please others and smear the wheels of day-to-day living. We should set an example personally. If the example does not bring forth emulation, use gentle force, use your powers to move. Influence them, coax them, if you can and threaten and punish or ridicule if you must. There is no escape from duty either for you or for the young ones.


Parents should inculcate some ethics of discipline in their children too. Brian Ludmer brings forth the law where the bill would have amended the Divorce Act in a number of ways, most prominently to prescribe that judges should start from an assumption that parents should have equal custody unless giving one side a greater share could demonstrably improve the best titles of the issue.

We are living in a world of psychology. Nowadays anything passes for science. New words and phrases like oppression, obsession, and self-expression are bandied about by all and several. It is but common sense that we cannot allow our kids, not even ourselves, to indulge all our fancies. Children have to be controlled, but it need not be a fierce to irrational process. You can do that in an informed manner. That is where you can prove your mettle. It is a test for you, you cannot contract. All of us cannot hope to see our children blossoming into Florence nightingales. Still, we must see that they take their places as enlightened, law-abiding citizens. If we can achieve this, it will be no small achievement. That will be our individual contribution to the welfare of the world.

It is very important that we understand what the needs of our children are and must be handy with all the options available in our reach.

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