How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Designing and decorating your home perfectly entails combining different elements that add to the overall appeal and ambience of your space. While some of these elements are rather conspicuous, such as the perfect furniture or tasteful decorations, others are subtler and more understated. Lighting falls into the second category, which is why it often goes unnoticed. Yet, the perfect lighting solutions can help you create a welcoming atmosphere, set the mood and accentuate your home’s beautiful features.

Keep your lighting layered

Kitchen Lighting

The key to lighting your home perfectly lies in introducing several sources of light that will boost both the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of your space. You should introduce three layers of light to your home: general (or ambient), task and accent lighting. General lighting is the main source of light that creates the overall ambience of your home. It typically comes from chandeliers, pendants, track lights, etc. Task lighting is necessary for performing specific tasks, such as cooking, reading, writing and others. This type of lighting comes in desk lamps, under-cabinet lights, recessed lighting and other sources that can provide you with focused light. As for accent lighting, it’s used to accentuate certain features in your home, including architectural focal points, furniture, paintings and decorative collections. For a truly mesmerising and complete look, you need to include all three types of lighting in your home.

Go with an eco-friendly alternative


Another important aspect to consider when installing lighting in your home is its eco-friendliness. Regular incandescent lights are no longer widely used because they aren’t durable or energy-efficient. Nowadays, LEDs and CFLs are much more popular because they last longer and consume less energy. Thus, you should definitely switch to an eco-friendly alternative that will not only reduce your energy bill, but that will also fill your home with a more flattering glow.

Make your lighting suitable for your rooms

Room Lighting

Each room has its distinct purpose and lighting is often used to support it. For instance, the bedroom is an area for relaxation, so it should feature subtle, romantic lighting. In the kitchen, you need to perform different tasks, so task lighting is a must. However, since the modern kitchen has also become a place for family gatherings and guest entertainment, it should also feature a warm, inviting atmosphere that can come from beautiful general and accent lighting. The same goes for other areas in your home – make sure to consider their function and find appropriate lighting solutions.
However, since many rooms typically have a single source of light, you might need to install additional electrical outlets. Of course, this should be left to a highly trained emergency electrician who can also deal with certain electrical emergencies should they arise. Having their contact information can be extremely useful, especially if you’re not experienced in dealing with electrical installations.

Use lighting fixtures as embellishments

Lighting Fixtures

What makes lighting such an important design element is the fact that it can affect both the functionality and the décor of your home. While a layered lighting scheme is necessary for supporting different room functions, stylish lighting fixtures can be used as mesmerising décor statements. For instance, a spectacular crystal chandelier above your tub can add a touch of glamour to your bathroom. Vintage lamps can be used to introduce a sense of antique beauty to your home while lovely pendants can be used instead of bedside lamps for a unique flair. Fairy lights placed behind a white curtain in your bedroom can create a whimsical look, giving your bedroom a magical appeal.

Don’t forget the exterior lighting

Exterior lighting also plays an important role. Aside from improving your home’s security by illuminating your entrances and dark passages, it can boost your curb appeal and elevate the design of your outdoor space. While beautiful lanterns can accentuate your entrance, simple fixtures can line your meandering garden path and add to its appeal. Lovely lighting solutions for your outdoor area can also style it up and create a beautiful look that will enable you to enjoy it every night.

With a layered lighting scheme and stylish fixtures, you’ll fill your home with the perfect glow.