Commercial Home Inspection In Concord NC: DOs And DON’Ts

Commercial Home Inspection In Concord NC: DOs And DON’Ts

When you plan to purchase a commercial property, this question often arises in your mind, ‘How can I find a competent and reliable building inspector for conducting a commercial home inspection?’ Here is a list of ‘Don’ts’ that might come handy:

1) Do Not Listen To The Real Estate Agent Or Any Outside Party

Hiring a commercial building inspector referred by the real estate agent or any outside party can strongly be a sign that they may gain something from the sale of the property, so never listen to them.

Often, people looking to purchase commercial property believe that it is better to rely on the realtor’s recommendation for hiring an inspector. The honest fact is that majority of the inspectors who use referrals are not willing to disclose any negative information or flaws of the building to the client. And, later on, many issues are discovered which jeopardizes the relationship between the seller and buyer.

2) Do Not Hire A Home Inspector To Conduct A Commercial Home Inspection.

Conducting a commercial building inspection is different from a home inspection in several ways. In many states, home licensing has become mandatory, which gives anyone to own a license, and this has led to the inability of a home inspector to point out problems in a house, and clearly in a commercial property.

Commercial home inspection in Concord, NC, requires a great deal of experience. So, a home inspector cannot substitute that vast knowledge and experience with home inspection expertise.

After knowing what not to do, there are also criteria that you need to consider in your quest to hire a dependable and competent commercial building inspector. Here is a list of ‘Dos’:

1) Know The Difference Between A Commercial Home Inspection And A Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

It can take a while to differentiate these two terms and their responsibilities. It is important to understand the difference between ‘PCA’ and ‘Commercial home inspection’ as they are frequently used in the commercial sector and can easily confuse anyone, resulting in a waste of money and time of someone who is looking for commercial home inspectors in Concord NC.

PCA is basically a quick walk-through of the property that relies greatly on second-hand information which is usually obtained through interviews with the owner or occupants of the property and through documentation. On the other hand, commercial home inspection is a thorough inspection of the property that ends with a detailed report of several points and systems like electrical and plumbing.

2) Investigate As Much As You Want

Demanding information from an unknown person is often uncomfortable for people. But, it is highly recommended to get as much information as possible about the company or inspector before you hire one because hiring a new service itself justifies the reason for asking questions.

3) Ask The Company Or Inspector For References

Always ask for bonafide references regarding recent clients for whom they have carried out a similar commercial home inspection. Any company or inspector having confidence in the service they provide will have no problem providing you with the references.