Compare Every Single Orbit Sander to Get Best Results

Compare Every Single Orbit Sander to Get Best Results

Sander is one important tool in the woodwork shops that can ease the smoothening and finishing work. It is a very useful tool that every industry working on woodwork projects should have. Latest and best-designed sanders are available to make your work easier and faster. Moreover, different types are available to give a wide choice to the customers. However, so many choices make the customers confuse and face trouble in getting the best one for their job. Every customer wants to spend money on the best product that yields effective and desired results.


Looking out their features and examining your need can ease the process of selecting the best one. Moreover, compare every single orbit sander and get what you desire. If you find the features similar and impressive in every sander then different power ratings will help you in making comparison. If you cannot do this on your own and need a little help then leave everything on us. The comparison is not a tough task and we will make it a lot easier to you.


Read below the features of all best sanders in market and compare every single orbit sander


For light duties


Black and decker orbital sander


Black and decker orbital sander is best one for all light duties job making it the best entry level sander. For all DIY tasks this one is an ideal for homeowners. It can easily perform small sanding jobs. It is light weight and easy to hold. Its powerful spin makes it perfect for light sanding work. It gives a high quality finish and prevents making marks and gauges on surface while sanding. It has a efficient dust container to lessen your after job work of cleaning. It comes with 2 year warranty and a comfortable handle. However, it has some cons.


  • Small dust container
  • No variable speed control option
  • Less advanced features


Maneuverable sander– dewalt orbital sander is light one weighing 4 pounds is a comfortable tool which is easy to use. It is nimble on working along edges and tight areas. It is durable because of its robust design.


  • The design of dewalt sander is highly impressive as it has a dust sealed switch and a rubber over mold. This prevents the dust to enter into the sander giving it a long life.


  • Its Velcro attachment system makes the attachment and removal of sanding pads easier. It is easy to manage and handle due to its twist removal action.


Despite these pleasing features it has some cons like average dust collection unit and less speed control option.


Advanced sander


Advanced sander


 The ROS20VSC Bosch sander is really impressive due to its great design, wide range of features and easy to use functions. If you compare every single orbit sander and rate Bosch among then this is worth rewarding. Its advanced features will make it a simple yet efficient tool for seasoned DIY expert.


  • Its variable speed control system makes it better option than above two as you can set the speed according to the requirements.
  • It is good for working around sensitive areas and avoiding uneven surface.
  • It has an advanced dust collection system with a collection box and a micro filter system. Thus, you can work freely and give higher finishes to your work.
  • The automatic pad dampening system of Bosch makes it more advanced and different from others.
  • It comes with a hooktight system which prevents accident and gauges while working and ensuring smooth surface.


However, the dust collection box is big and sometimes it is harder to handle the sander.


Quality sander


Quality sander


The portable cable 382 5 inch orbit sander is an exception. It is a great example of high level engineering and craftsmanship.


  • The ball bearing construction of porter cable is impressive
  • The dust-sealed power switch keeps the machine free from debris and dust
  • Automatic control system of porter cable speed up the device gradually at beginning at lower the speed once you pull away it from the surface
  • Its dual plane fan is not found in other orbit sander which reduce the noise while sanding
  • It is comfortable and leaves you stress free after job completion
  • Have a common loop and hook attachment system similar to other sanders
  • Have a 1.9 amp motor
  • Comes with 3 year warranty


Despite these amazing pros, it is listed under low powered sander. Its unreliable dust collector and manual variable speed control may not include it in your purchase list. So, still, you have to compare every single orbit sander.


3 times voted best sander-


3 times voted best sander


The Makita BO5041K orbit sander is voted 3 times the best sander in rows. Using Makita feels great as it has lots of useful features. You will fall in love with Makita as soon as you start working with it. It is an ideal fit for all woodwork jobs.  There are series of reason to love Makita.


  • Its great design is appealing and makes you confident while working with it
  • The rubber grip keeps you comfortable and reduces vibration while working
  • It has two handle one at front and other main handle giving full control to the user
  • Like other orbit sander, it too have a pad control system
  • It’s powerful with its 3 amp motor making it a power pack for users
  • The smart and effective dust bag will catch your attention
  • The Makita provides a tool case and an abrasive disk


Despite being the best-rated orbit sander it too has some cons. It has 1 abrasive pad and small dust collection pouch which means if working on large scale jobs then it cannot hold much of debris.


The powerful orbit sander– last one in list is a powerful sander from Bosch 3725DEVS. Its economical designs and features scream power and quality. It has a 3.3 amp powerful motor, dual handle, rugged design and variable speed option. However, it is heavy and less efficient dust collection bag.


So, hope it is easy for you to compare every single orbit sander and make decision about which one to choose.