Why You Should Consider Physical and Occupational Pain Therapies for Arthritis

Why You Should Consider Physical and Occupational Pain Therapies for Arthritis

When people suffer from arthritis, this may often include stiff joints, because they avoid movements that cause and increase their pain. If a person does not move their arthritic joints, the pain and stiffness only get worse. Hence, people who suffer from arthritis often benefit from physical therapy pain management treatment Atlanta GA.

The role of a physical therapist is to help and teach you how to work out your stiffness without damaging your joint further. This method of treatment is also ideal for those people who suffer from injuries such as from a fall or joint surgery. It is also ideal for artificial joint replacement.

On the other hand, occupational therapy is one that could teach you how to reduce strain on your muscles and joints during daily activities. The role of an occupational therapist is to show you how to modify your workplace environment and home in order to reduce motions that could aggravate arthritis. They also provide sprints for your wrists, hands and recommend some assistive devices to aid in tasks such as bathing, driving, housekeeping, dressing and certain other work activities.

The Effects of Arthritis: Joint Erosion

A general condition, arthritis actually encompasses a range of specific inflammatory diseases that target the joint. It can be a chronic side effect of maybe an injury, or some sign of autoimmune disease. One of the most common forms results from wear and tear or eroding of soft tissues that protect the moving parts of the joints, causing the bones to grind against each other. No matter the case, the inflammation and the damaging effects on the joints make movement quite painful.

Effects of Arthritis

The Goal of a Physical Therapist

You should know that the goal of a physical therapist is to get a person back to a point where they can perform normal activities without any difficulty. They help people in maintaining a good range of motion, which is the key to maintain the ability to perform normal chores. A Kroll Care expert can help in building strength involved in the muscles that surround the joint, which is also important since stronger muscles can better stabilize a weakened joint.

A physical therapist also provides exercises that come with unique designs to preserve the use and strength of the joints. A specialist can also show you some of the best ways to move from one position to the other and teach you how to use aids such as walking aids, a cane, and a walker if necessary.

 Top Benefits of Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy

If you suffer from arthritis, there are many benefits to opting for an occupational and physical therapy program, including:

  • You gain care advice for your foot, including more information on well-fitting shoes that come with shock-absorbing outer soles. Often, these sculptured (or orthotic) insoles mold exactly to the foot contour.
  • An insight to your arthritis and the type you have, to keep you well-informed
  • You can learn about therapeutic methods that help to relieve discomfort as well as improve the performance of the joints through the different activity modifications and physical techniques.

Things You Will Learn in a Physical Therapy Session

During your physical therapy session, you will also learn several other techniques including:

  • Rest: if you have bed rest, this can reduce both pain and inflammation in the joint, and it is especially useful for those people who suffer from multiple affected joints. Here, fatigue is the major problem. Joint rest is helpful especially when arthritis involves one or just a few joints. At such times, custom splints can help to rest as well as support inflamed joints and a soft collar to support the neck while standing or sitting.
  • Exercise: For arthritis treatment, exercise is the most important part and it is effective when done properly every day. Your therapist or doctor will prescribe a suitable program that varies based on your changing needs.
  • Thermal Modalities: Sometimes, heating pads or applying ice packs along with deep heat through ultrasound and hot packs works well to relieve local pain. Applying heat helps to relax muscle spasms around the joints that are inflamed. Heating muscles and joints during a warm bath or during shower before you, exercise can also help you to exercise more easily.

Arthritis Treatment

Physical therapy for the cure or treatment is an easy and low-risk option to help manage your pain. It boosts mobility with stiff joints and you do not have to give up your activities and life for the treatment. Along with teaching you gentle exercises to help stretch your joints, it helps to prevent stiffness in joints and reduce pressure on them. Exercise in a physical therapy session also encourages blood circulation to the lower limbs, which brings nutrients and healing agents they need.

If you are a patient battling with arthritic pain, it is advisable that you consult a specialist near you for the best treatment plan in Atlanta.