How to Create a Best Website

How to Create a Best Website


  • Accomplish a top ten Google ranking for your website in a petite amount of time without a dime spent, and in principle, get a great Google ranking for free. I’m not demanding to be a skilled webmaster. I do not figure websites for a living. However, I did tail the guidance of others who know much extra than myself, and I bent in just a couple of months a top ten Google website using foremost keywords. Maybe you can do the identical and climb the Google rankings. Just learn from my research and do what others have instigated, and it can be completed.
  • Again I am not an internet guru, and at finest an amateur website manufacturer, who has expended most his life practicing law. Well, how did I get indexed and get a high Google page ranking so quickly? I will outline below what I did to get the high Google rankings on my first website, and which rankings I have had for a number of weeks and counting. Hopefully, you can try some of the same things I did and find some success, getting your website indexed and get a top page ranking with Google in short time. It can be frustrating, but research and a little work make it possible.
  • In essence, use Google search. At every step in the process, I Googled the questions I had on the subject in the process of getting a website up and running. I studied several informative articles from my Google searches at every step of the process. First, I Googled how to create a website. There are many articles on this subject and many sites allow you to open and be hosted by their website free. Most free web building sites have a novice-friendly format that even a beginner like myself can hardly go wrong implementing. Many have some nice Google widgets you can add to enhance your site, and most offer good support for free.
  • After you get an idea for your site (for example-a trader of collectable sports souvenirs), then Google the words a sports souvenirs collector might Google searching to buy or sell his products. It is there you will learn the magic of keywords in your title and text. It is keywords that attracts the Google search engines, and they must be relevant to the website’s subject matter. Also, Google terms like- increase your Google website ranking, and follow the advice of others on this subject, and all articles discussed the importance of keywords.

Keywords, in my opinion, are critical.

  • You want to have valuable and unique text within your site page. However, the Google search engines want to see and touch those keywords. Have you noticed how I have incorporated keywords into this article? For example, Google rankings, Google search, Google indexing, etc. Find out what keywords the successful sites use on your subject and do it better than them. Keywords should be in your title, your description and sprinkled within your text. Be sure not to add too many keywords, and offend the Google robots. How much is too much I do not know. However, in my opinion, try to create over a thousand words of good relevant content in your text, including the keywords Google likes. Some say no more than five percent of your text content should be keywords to be safe.
  • You will hear about getting Google ranking with backlinks. I believe backlinks are very important for a top Google ranking. However, a handful might suffice and they are not too difficult to get. My understanding of backlinks is that they are links from other indexed sites that have linked in one way or the other to your site. In other words, someone can click on your link from their site to get to yours. Backlinks can originated from web directories, sooner on your subject (do not miss Google’s, DMOZ), and you prerequisite to give in to as many directories as you be able to. Backlinks also come from articles you have written that include your website URL in the text. I have written articles for the main article players, EzineArticles, GotoArticle, Hub Pages, etc.
  • I have also carved blogs. Digg, Blogger, BlogSpot, WordPress, etc. are prominent blogs. I have incorporated my site URL inside my text or involved my link someplace on the backlink blog. For some reason, Google especially likes EzineArticles and WordPress. EzineArticles are in a class by themselves and very selective. My submissions have done well on these sites in the Google searches. The published articles and blogs with your URL in the text or attachment will, in my opinion, get you indexed quickly and increase your rankings as much as anything you do. Articles give you backlinks. Articles and blogs give you material for your website. Many of my articles themselves got top Google rankings and provided, in essence, a referral to my site.
  • Obviously, be definite to begin your indexing by defer to your link straight to the main search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. To defer to a site to Google, just Google: submit site to Google, and it will yield you right to the submission pages. One entity I did that was free upfront was integrate an AdWords campaign with Google. It is a pay per hit on your site commercial and you set the value. I set my cost tremendously low and it is not very luxurious.
  • Again, I’m not a website builder for profit, having built just a single website. However, if you are just at the point of wanting Google to index your own website, then do all of the above and you should get indexed at the very least. If you want a top Google ranking to try what I have suggested, it just might work. Have fun.

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