Demystifying 10 Common Myths About Acne And Pimple

Demystifying 10 Common Myths About Acne And Pimple

Do you use toothpaste to calm down that zit that just popped up on your face? Well, don’t! It’s just a myth that toothpaste can help reduce a pimple.

Acne is a serious issue for many people and not just because it ruins our appearance, but because it can ruin our mood, confidence and our skin or health.
You have probably heard a lot of reasons that caused your skin to break out from innumerable people, but what to believe and what not to? There is a thin line between what’s a myth and what’s actually the reason for this.

So, to help you figure this out, we are demystifying 10 common myths about acne and pimple:

Myth 1: Smoking makes acne spread

Smoking and using tobacco is a foul habit, but they don’t cause acne breakouts or spreading. But smoking does worsen the skin regeneration process of your skin, and the healing process of the acne becomes too slow.
Quitting will help oxygen to flow through the skin and it will breathe and look fresher.

Myth 2: Acne just happens to teenagers

It’s a common myth that acne is just a teen problem due to hormonal build up. But actually adult women and even men, tend to get pimples and sometimes they are more prone to breaking out.
The reason for is genetics that determines when acne will break out. Also, women in their adult life face a lot of hormonal unbalance that triggers these.

Myth 3: Pimples can form overnight

You slept with a pimple free face, but the next morning a scary looking red pimple is facing you, and you think that it formed overnight. Well, not exactly.
Just like acne takes time to go away, it takes time to form too.
It’s a long process in which the pores of the skins get clogged, and bacteria are formed. These bacteria than inflame our skin and we get a zit. Nothing happens overnight, it’s all a gradual process.

Myth 4: some products can make acne go away forever

Sadly, it is not true. Some products like acne treatment cream or natural remedies help them, and blemishes to fade and go away but it is not permanent. At some point in your time, you will get acne back.

Myth 5: If you do it in the right way, it’s safe to pop up a pimple

We all got this suggestion once in our life. Well, popping in any way will only worsen the problem. Popping up a pimple means that the bacteria will spread to other parts of the skin, and will also leave a mark or scar.
Also, healing of that zit and scar is very slow.

Myth 6: Stress cause new acne to pop up

Stress or exhaustion worsen the condition of an already present acne and slows down the healing process. But in no way does stress causes your skin to breakout new acne and pimples.

Myth 7: Washing face more than once rids a pimple

Washing face too many times will only make it dry and irritate the skin further. But it will never help in reducing the pimples as they are caused by clogging of pores and sebum.
Also, never use sulfate containing soaps for cleaning your face.

Myth 8: Pimples only home is your face

Never think that pimples can only appear on your face, they are more noticeable there, but they can appear on any part of the body.

Myth 9: Sun rays helps in acne

This is absolutely rubbish, Sun doesn’t help in reducing zits instead overexposing to the sun can cause melanoma and tanning.
Never go out without a sunblock as you may end up with more skin problems, and that acne will still be there.

Myth 10: Eating and acne have no connection

To a certain level what we eat highly impacts our skin. Eating food that has too much sugar like beer, coffee, soda, white bread or chocolates can cause an overabundance of insulin leading to acne breakouts.
Food rich in Zinc and Vitamin A like eggs and carrot helps in acne reduction. Additionally, you can check out these ayurvedic remedies to treat pimples and acne naturally.
Now that myths about acne are busted, find out the real reason for this problem and treat them accordingly.

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