Different Types of Bases in a Queen-Size Bed and Ways to Identify a Queen Bed Base

Different Types of Bases in a Queen-Size Bed and Ways to Identify a Queen Bed Base

A queen-size bed falls in between a full-size bed and a king-size bed with respect to its dimensions. A typical queen size bed may measure 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. Therefore, the base of a queen-size bed will also be of similar dimensions. The bed base is also known as its foundation and a queen bed base may be constructed in particular ways depending upon your preference. It is actually the area of a queen bed that holds the mattress in a firm position and hence, an adequate concern must go into its making. Whatever may be the type of a queen bed base, it will surely be held together in its place by a bed frame. Therefore, it is important to understand the different types of bases in a queen-size bed.


The Conventional Box Spring Type


A queen bed base with a conventional box spring arrangement is very common in many homes. They can be very comfortable to relax and a person can sink in due to the inner spring arrangement in the foundation. The fixed frame of such a bed contains a number of heavy duty springs that are responsible for the comfort. This type of bed base can generally come with an innerspring mattress so that the spring life of the mattress can be particularly enhanced.


In this type of base, the only service or maintenance that may be needed can be with respect to the attached springs at the bottom. However, they may need replacement or fine-tuning of springs at certain intervals. Otherwise, the whole experience can be awesome with such a queen bed.


A completely Wooden Foundation Base


Wooden Foundation Queen Bed Base


A wooden queen bed base generally consists of eight to nine wooden slats for supporting a mattress. The slats are present usually below the beaverboard or the paperboard. This type of bed base is also referred to as a “zero-deflection” unit, “low flex”, “no flex” or an “ortho box”. This type of bed base provides support in a very similar fashion as that is provided by a platform foundation.


Owners of wooden foundation queen-size bed generally prefer to use single-sided, ultra-thick mattresses as that can provide the needed comfort level to a person lying on it. This type of foundation is becoming increasingly popular due to their ruggedness and minimal maintenance features. 


Grid-Top Foundation


Queen Bed Base


A grid-top queen bed base is a mix of wood and steel so that its outer structure can be generally made of steel while inner slats can be made of wood. It can be said to be an extension of the wooden foundation base but with more rigidity and ductile stress tolerance. Such a queen bed can easily withstand a heavy load and that can be very helpful especially for homes that have children so that they can easily spend some leisure time playing on them without any repair worries.


Motorized Beds Have Also Arrived


A queen bed base may also come with optional lifting facility. These are basically metal box beds made up of grids on which mattresses can stay firm. For storing items under the bed, the grid can be pulled up using a pneumatic or hydraulic control operated on gas without the need of replacing the mattress. This type of beds is also becoming increasingly prevalent in many homes.


Improvements Can Be Made


A queen bed base can be easily modified to suit your preference. For example, the availability of storage option is definitely an improvement that has recently made its mark in many such beds. Moreover, additional attachments like footrest, extra storage capability, etc. can also be designed in a foundation.


Hence, as discussed above, many types of bases are available and a suitable choice can easily be made depending on the requirement. The best thing in all of it is that the comfort level with a properly designed foundation can be enjoyed with one and all. That is why there is a great emphasis on bed bases in queen-size beds.

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