Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is professional oral care that works on oral health with an objective to improve the teeth and smile of one. The dentistry aims to make a positive change to your mouth and oral health. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the key dental resource for patients. Even a minor smile enhancement can be dramatic in improving your overall appearance. There are different procedures and methods involved with cosmetic dentistry. Read on for more interesting facts and information.


Different Cosmetic Dentistry procedures


Cosmetic Dentistry involves different procedures that can be simple as well as complex. Here are the most common ones that one should be aware of.


  • Teeth Whitening – This is the simplest way to enhance the look and colour of your teeth and enjoy a bright smile. One can opt for the in-office procedure with their dentist or go for mould and gels for the bleaching process. There are over the counter whitening products available for teeth whitening such as white strips, rinses, and whitening toothpastes. A white teeth smile looks beautiful on every face.


  • Inlays and Overlays – Also referred to as indirect fillings, Inlays and Overlays are made by a dental laboratory from a composite resin material. The inlay is positioned onto the tooth surface and used when there is not enough tooth to support a filling. An overlay is used in case a greater part of the tooth is injured. Your dentist will be very supportive and will help you get the perfect set of teeth.


  • Dental Veneers – The wafer-thin shells of tooth-coloured porcelain are known as dental veneers. The custom-made shells cover the front surface of the teeth and are bonded to the tooth after removing about a half-millimeter of enamel. These act as a shield and protect your teeth from outside.


  • Dental Bonding – A tooth-coloured resin is placed on the tooth and bonded with the help of an ultraviolet or laser light. The surface of the tooth is then fashioned and polished by the dentist. Dental Bonding is very effective for chipped, decayed or cracked teeth. The weak teeth need proper treatment.


  • Dental Crown – The dental crowns are used to cover or replace the decayed or damaged tooth. The idea behind is to restore the size, strength, and shape of the tooth and to get back its original look. Crowns also protect a weak tooth and prevent a cracked tooth from breaking.


  • Dental Implants – During the Dental implant procedure, tooth roots made of titanium are implanted into the bone opening for the missing tooth. The jawbone cultivates around the implanted metal as it heals and thus anchors the implanted tooth securely in the jaw. The cosmetic dentistry is essential for the replacement of a tooth.


Costs of Cosmetic dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, and a lot relies on the kind of treatment being done. Froe sample, Dental Crowns can cost as much as$500 to $900 per tooth while inlays and outlays can go up to 1200$ per tooth. Dental Implants are even more costly, and the expenses can go up to $3,000.


Cosmetic Dentists


If you are looking for any of the above cosmetic dentistry procedures, it is essential to choose the right professional for the task. You will come across a large number of cosmetic dentists and each claim to be the best one in your area. Get referrals and discuss things with your family and friends to lead to the best one. Browse the websites and read testimonials to learn about the experience and reputation of the cosmetic dentist you are interested in.