Dyson V8 vs Dyson V11 | Dyson V11 vs Dyson V10 – Pick The Best

Dyson V8 vs Dyson V11 | Dyson V11 vs Dyson V10 – Pick The Best

One of the brands that have been a sovereign of cordless vacuum cleaner since its release in 2006 is Dyson. The traditional or conventional cleaner are noisy, takes around six minute run time and had narrow cleaning head. But thanks to cordless vacuum cleaners that have shown great improvement over the years. Since Dyson is one of the leading brands it makes use of innovative technology. This article, I have presented three most additions of the Dyson namely Dyson V8, V10, and the V11. Read the guide and you can easily compare the benefits and features of all the three categories.


Dyson V8 overview-


Dyson V8


V8 cordless vacuum presented by Dyson got released in 2016 and it is the upgraded version of V6. It has a run time of around 40 minutes that is twice as that of V6. It has a large dust capacity, quieter running operation, and more powerful suction. The Dyson V8 is one of the excellent vacuum cleaners even with the launch of V11 and V10. It can handle all your cleaning needs well. It works well on the carpet and hard floor. Wide range of great accessories allows you to wipe out hard to reach places like low furniture, ceilings, and stairs. The Dyson V8 might be cheaper compared to other models and it is a great choice when performance and price are considered.


Dyson V10 overview-


Dyson V10


The release of V10 got took place in 2018 and the brand has announced a new corded vacuum cleaner. It has many improved predecessors. For starters, it has 50% longer run time thus giving you cleaning time around 60 minutes. There are basically three power settings and you will get 60 minutes cleaning time on low settings. The maximum setting could be 10 minutes and the medium setting could be 30 minutes. A whopping power of around 151 air watts is given off by the maximum setting and it can be used in extremely harsh and messy situations. The motorized cleaning head attachment reduces the run time.


Another improvement might include a single washable HEPA filter, larger dust bin, and streamlined design which would allow better suction. The release of V11 has a higher price and the V10 has dropped.


Dyson V11 overview-


Dyson V11


The Dyson V11 got released in the March 2019. It is one of the most powerful cordless vacuums in the market. It is not at all cheaper however it offers features. It has improved compared to previous models and the cost can be easily justified. The main or key difference in V11, V8, and V11 is the addition of screen at the top of the cleaner. The screen display video that tells how the problem is corrected. Another improvement in the V11 is torque drive cleaning head that contains sensors so as to monitor brush bar resistance. It works in accordance with power management systems that would sense what surface type must be cleaned.


Dyson V11 makes use of the most technological cordless vacuum. The Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a two-year guarantee with an extended period of around 5 years.


Dyson v8 vs v10 and v11 models-


Dyson v8 vs v10 and v11 models


V8: absolute, total clean or animal


The Dyson V8 comes in three different models like absolute, totally clean and animal. They are available with similar attachments and tools. The three models are available with accessories and tools such as combination tool, direct driver head, quick release motorhead tool, docking station, and a charger. The animal and the absolute models have quick release soft dusting brush, and it doesn’t have total clean. The total clean is available with quick release flexi tool, quick release top adaptor and a handy bag that can be used to store attachments. The attachments and tools can be purchased easily.


V10: absolute, totally clean and animal-


The Dyson V10 comes with three different models namely animal, absolute, and totally clean. They are available with tools to V8 counterparts. The three Dyson V10 models are available with following accessories and tools such as combination tools, charger, docking station, mini motorized tool, direct drive head.


The animal version is best for homes and with extra tools. It is available with a soft roller cleaner and can be purchased easily. It comes with a mini soft brush however the total clean version doesn’t have it. It is available with three extra tools such as quick release extension hose, quick release top adaptor, and nozzle tool.


Dyson V11: animal or absolute


The Dyson V11 is available with tow model choices such as animal and absolute. The two models are available with accessories and tools with one major difference as being the cleaning head. The animal and absolute model is available with the following accessories docking station, charger, mini soft dusting brushes, and wand storage clip. The animal model is available with direct driver head however the absolute comes with torque motorhead and roller cleaner head. You can purchase the accessories, attachments, and tools separately. It is available in two colors namely new gold color and nickel/ blue color.


Design: Dyson V8 vs V11 vs V10


The design of all the three vacuum cleaner is similar and they roughly differ only in weight and size. The v8 is the lightest one however the v11 is the heaviest one. The design difference in V8 in comparison to other models lies in dust bin at a right angle to the wand. In the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11, the dust bin is generally streamlined and it sits vertically above the vacuum wand.




All the three Dyson V8, V11, or V10 offers quick release functions. The performance and power of the Dyson cordless vacuum got powered by Dyson digital motor. It has a new vacuum version. The motor brings power to vacuum, better design, and improved battery technology. The huge improvement has taken place over the last year.

You can compare the air watts of several Dyson V8 and other Dyson V11. This might increase your chance of purchasing the Dyson v8, v11, and v10.