Essential Skill Sets for Manning the Reception

Essential Skill Sets for Manning the Reception

Manning the reception is one of the most important jobs and it requires a multitude of special skills in order to make things flow smoothly. Any errors in this department can be very costly and as the reception is your portal to the outside world, it’s vital that the staff are polite and professional. If you are looking to hire a receptionist, here are some of the essential skills you should be looking for.

  • Friendly and Outgoing Personality – The person who mans the reception must be an eternal optimist no matter how they feel and should be able to handle problems in stride. If you would like to use the very best virtual receptionist in Australia, check out, which offers a wide range of services, all at affordable rates. Having a qualified telephone receptionist doesn’t have to cost a fortune and your local virtual office provider would have a range of packages to suit the client.


  • Attention to Detail – The person who works the reception must be attentive at all times and regardless of how busy they are, the little things are not forgotten. An ideal candidate is a person who never forgets that company image is everything and always makes sure that visitors are made to feel welcome and served with appropriate refreshments while they are waiting.


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  • Works Well Under Pressure – There are times when a receptionist is snowed under, and that’s when she should shine. The ability to remain cool, calm and collected when things get hectic is an absolutely essential quality and that only comes with experience. The virtual receptionist would be fully qualified and while she might not actually be at your front desk, no one would ever know. There are articles you can find online that give you a list of qualities to look for when hiring a receptionist, which might help you when sourcing someone to fill this important position.


  • Dependability – If you can’t rely on your receptionist, this is not the ideal situation. You need a person who puts the company first and has a sense of responsibility that ensures everything is taken care of. The virtual receptionist is always ready for an incoming call – most providers guarantee that every call will be professionally answered within 5 seconds – and you can’t ask for more than that.


  • A Can-Do Attitude – It matters not who is supposed to handle a specific task, the receptionist should be the type of person that is prepared to extend their help in any circumstances. People who are only prepared to work according to their job description are definitely not suited to the receptionist position.


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Many small businesses take advantage of the virtual receptionist service as this is the most cost-effective way to ensure that all calls are handled in a polite and professional manner. If you would like to discover what such a provider can do for your business, an online search is all it takes.

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