Essential Tips For Preventing Sports Injuries In Kids And Teens

Essential Tips For Preventing Sports Injuries In Kids And Teens

When we talk about sports, kids are just as prone to having injuries as adults. Moreover, sports injuries are commonly found in kids as well as teens. They are hyperactive by nature and many times they lose their conscience while playing their game. Moreover, children commonly tend to be impulsive while playing sports. They are said to be the most exciting creatures on the ground with high sportsman spirit.

However, it is very important that children should be made aware of preventing injuries while playing sports. Also, it is a fact that major injuries occur during the practice than on the field. Therefore, it is essential that kids and teens should be well-equipped and trained to avoid getting injuries while practicing their game. Moreover, it is important that however, the child may be an athlete, once he/she gets injured, should strictly follow doctor’s instructions on the same. The required and instructed rest has to be taken by the child.

Let us take a look at some of the significant tips that will guide your kids and active teens to prevent sports injuries effectively. It is to be noted that physical therapists at South Toledo Physical Therapy are the experts of treating sports injuries effectively through relevant physical therapies.

A Proper Warm-Up Is a Must

Preparing the body for a full-on game requires doing a proper warm-up. A warmed-up body is less likely to get injured because the muscles have become flexible with the stretching exercises. Moreover, a proper warm-up is the key for children participating in sports and recreational activities to avoid injuries. For this, kids should start with slower movements and then, gradually increase the intensity until they reach the game speed. Another important key point to be considered is to incorporate sports-specific movements for the warm-up exercises. It will make it easier for children to give their best performance on the field.

Make Sure To Incorporate Sports-Specific And Dynamic Stretches

When you make your child do the warm-up exercises and stretches, incorporating their sports-specific movements and stretches can be very helpful in all ways. Moreover, you cannot overlook stretching, as it effectively helps loosen muscles, which increases the flexibility of the body. There are basically, two types of stretching, static and dynamic. Static stretching helps during the cool down process and help improve the range of motion and increases the flexibility of muscles.

On the other hand, dynamic stretching involves constant movement and prepares the body for activity in a sports-specific manner. These stretches effectively help in increasing range of motion, blood flow to muscles, and prepare for the game. There are lots of dynamic stretching exercises that help the body in increasing the strength and flexibility.

Incorporate ACL Prevention Exercises

ACL means Anterior Cruciate Ligament. It is a sports injury, which is most commonly sustained by females than their male counterparts. It is natural that children will have different muscle strength, gait, and body alignment. However, they should be taught and habituated to performing ACL prevention exercises in their warm-ups. These exercises, will effectively prevent them from getting the common sports injuries. You can get a demonstration of some ACL exercises and incorporate them into your child’s warm-up routines.

Proper Care After Activity Is Required

Even after the game or the sports is over, it is important to encourage your kids to cool down, stretch out, and take care of any injuries, even if they are minor. Taking preventive measures and proper care after the activity can help muscles recover faster and also improve the range of motion and flexibility. If your child has a muscle sore or any such injury, then consider taking proper treatment for the same. Moreover, you can also use ice or heat treatment according to the injury.

Also, physical therapy effectively helps in reducing the injury pain and also heals it accurately. Therefore, you should not avoid visiting a good physical therapist for this purpose.

Make Your Kids Focus On Strengthening Exercises

In the days between practice and off-season, you can consider taking your child for strengthening programs. It doesn’t mean that you have to transform them into bodybuilders. But, they should be given strengthening exercises that will focus on increasing their functional strength to avoid injuries on the field or during their practice. Simple exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges can effectively help them increase their functional strength. It will make convenient for them to prevent injuries that may occur while playing their sports or during practice.

Make Kids Understand That Any Sports Activity Is Ultimately For Fun

It is very important for any sportsman to understand that playing the game should give them enjoyment. Any sports should ultimately give a sense of satisfaction and fun to your child and you should make them understand this. They should not feel pressurized or burdened with the game they play. Any game or sports when played with fun, will reduce the chances of injuries. It is because the mental state of the player/athlete plays an important role in their performance.

Moreover, it is also important to get some rest after the activity. So, make your teens and kids do some significant amount of rest before and after their sports. It is vital for every athlete, irrespective of their age, to take rest, so as to rejuvenate themselves for their game.

Sportsmanship is the key to playing any game, yet it is crucial to preventing the injuries thereof effectively with the significant tips mentioned above.