Everything You Should Know About Non-Toxic Products for Your Skin

Everything You Should Know About Non-Toxic Products for Your Skin

Our skin is an incredible absorber of whatever it is exposed to. Although you can find different claims online, the experts agree that strong absorption of the skin is what allows toxic chemicals to penetrate our organism.


That is why it is essential to switch to non-toxic products. This will be a decision that will support both your skin and overall health and a massive step towards a healthy lifestyle. The problem is how to pick the products that are free from toxic chemicals. Take a look at the points below and apply them to choosing items for your cosmetic routing to remain toxic-free.


  1. Know Which Ingredients to Avoid


The crucial tip for avoiding toxicity lies in steering clear of potentially harmful ingredients. Unfortunately, the list of compounds that may be toxic for your skin and health is quite long. The fact that our skin is an excellent absorber doesn’t help.


If you go to a random cosmetic store and read labels of several products, the chances are that it lists one will contain a dozen or more potentially toxic components. If you notice an abbreviation (caps lock letters) on the label, the chances are that the ingredient is harmful. Some of the examples include DEA (diethanolamine), PEG (polyethylene glycol), and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate).


The first in a line of potential risks is developing skin allergies. Although they are unpleasant, they are the least dangerous side effect of toxic ingredients. Infertility, cancer, reproductive issues, and learning disabilities are all potential risks of harmful chemicals in our body.


Some of the ingredients may not even be listed on the label, such as phthalates. Although they are a topic of many studies, the risks depend on an individual but include congenital disabilities and kidney and liver damage.


  1. Look for Parfum-Free Products


You will often notice “parfum” or “fragrance” when you check out the label for the list of ingredients. While there are products where you can’t avoid them, such as perfumes, they are used widely throughout the cosmetic industry.


The reason why manufacturers add fragrance to their products is that most customers like when their products smell nice. We can’t deny that part is true, but there are good reasons why parfum is among the compounds that should be avoided in your cosmetic routine.


Fragrances can have thousands of chemicals untested for potential toxicity. As such, they can easily lead to skin hyperpigmentation, potential melanoma, and irritation of skin, nose, and eyes. When you look at things like that, it is a far better option to search for an unscented product.


  1. Stick to Less Ingredients


The concept is simple the fewer ingredients a product contains, the fewer chances of any of them being toxic. There is a saying that the secret lies in simplicity and that is entirely true for cosmetic products. If the list of compounds on the label is extended, the chances are that the formula is filled with parabens, alcohol, fragrances, artificial colors, and other harmful ingredients.


Another reason why you should avoid products with a long list of components is so-called window dressing. What is the point of including hyaluronic acid, for example, if its quantity is negligent? The only reason for this is that the manufacturer can brag they added a helpful ingredient in the product even though it can’t deliver any result in the quantity provided.


  1. Ignore Sensational Advertising


We are living in a world where marketing matters more than the product itself. While advertising is supposed to help sell an item, the messages can often be misleading. It is why companies invest millions in the design and content of their label. If you notice that the front of the product says “natural” or “good for your health,” make sure to invest a little time in reading the ingredients before buying.


Perhaps you’ve truly come across the best anti-wrinkle cream on the market. There are manufacturers that are honest and truly make organic and natural products that are healthy for consumers. The point of this tip is not to rush things and trust sensational advertising. Instead, trust your own eyes and carefully inspect the label.


  1. Look for Certifications

Many companies will claim that their products are organic and safe, but we already learned you shouldn’t trust the messages listed in huge bold fonts on the label. Instead, look for certifications as they are the ones that reveal the truth.


When it comes to organic products, the best certificate to own is USDA Organic as it confirms that the solution has 95% or more organic-sourced ingredients. As for safety, EWG and Natural Products Association are a sure bet that you are picking a product worth your while.


If you are a vegan, you may look for products certified to be safe for you. Those conscious about the world we live in will also look for a cruelty-free certificate. These are issued by PETA and other organizations and guarantee that there was no animal testing during the production process.


  1. Multi-Purpose Products


The chances are you won’t be able to avoid all potentially toxic ingredients for your skin, but as long as you keep their intake under control, your health will benefit. Aside from sticking to fewer ingredients in each of the formulas, always look to find multi-purpose products.


For example, why not choose an anti-aging and hydrating treatment that can also remove puffiness and under eye bags? There are cosmetic products that can serve in multiple purposes. Perhaps they may be a little more expensive than other treatments, but think of it like this you will be investing the same amount of money as you would for several products that provide the same effect.


  1. The Packaging Doesn’t Matter


As you probably understand so far, people are creatures of aesthetics. They will more likely go for a tempting label than unattractive, but the high-quality product. The crucial thing to keep in mind is that the bottle or jar doesn’t have anything to do with the effectiveness of the item you are buying.


The package may be tempting, but try to resist the urge to buy just because of that. If anything, overuse of materials in packing the product is just a confirmation that the company doesn’t care about our planet’s resources.




Do you really check out the products which are frequently in use? If yes there is a possibility that you will find at least one of the toxic chemicals mentioned above. It is about time to switch to healthy alternatives that can secure even more benefits for your health.


Aside from looking for healthy products, try to decrease the number of items you use in the cosmetic routine. For example, Instantly Ageless is a wrinkle cream that can also help with sun damage, dark spots, and sagging skin. These multi-purpose solutions and carefully reading the label are what will bring you a step closer to a non-toxic skincare routine.