The Experiences of Working in the Chemical Laboratory

The Experiences of Working in the Chemical Laboratory

Since high school, teachers tell us that there are many potential risks and hazards while working in a chemical laboratory. There are different types of chemicals used and stored in the lab. Some are very reactive, and some are less reactive. The chemicals should be used only under proper supervision. Even for the experienced researchers who work on different chemical experiments, the instructions are for everyone working inside the chemical lab. It is imperative that while conducting an experiment one should take proper measures to protect themselves from the chemical outcome.

Whether you are looking for a new invention or you are trying your hands on new chemicals, all the risks and hazards involved in it need to be adequately assessed otherwise there might be some accident if not handled carefully. The chemicals stored in the labs required extraordinary care, and by care, it means to do the toxicity level and cleaning of their storage bottles from time to time.  Expired chemicals should not be stored and used in an experiment.

Full Understanding of Chemical Laboratory

There are many kinds of chemicals in the laboratory, some are organic chemicals, and some are inorganic chemicals. Some of these chemicals are hazardous to humans like they can burn the skin, may damage the eye. They are also toxic. While working with chemicals or during experiments, the scientists should wear full safety wear so that it will not result in any harm.  A chemical spill can be dangerous, so proper provision should be made that can adequately handle such chemical accidents. Adequate ventilation should be there in the chemical laboratory as sometimes when there is a reaction heat is produced, and they are very harmful. These gases are poisonous, and if not appropriately ventilated then they might cause serious harm.

The residue of chemicals should be disposed with care and somewhere safe. Any contact can be hazardous. The lab chemicals are toxic and harmful if not handled properly. Check their toxicity level from time to time. There is no contamination of these chemicals through hands, and any food material should not be brought near them.

Precautions while working with chemicals

It is essential that effective measures should be taken care of while working with chemicals in the laboratory. There are many risks involved with dangerous chemicals. Proper instructions and practices are to be followed and made mandatory. Sometimes when experiments go wrong, an explosion can also occur so appropriate precautions should be taken like clothing and safety gears should be worn till the time you are in the lab. Never neglect the safety procedures that are required for doing specific experiments. The harm that results from this can even be severe at times.


While working with chemicals, always be careful. Safety gears should be worn all the time in the labs and chemicals should be checked from time to time. All the instructions should be followed and should be made clear. Proper knowledge of chemicals should be there, and proper labeling should be there on the storage bottles.

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